The Great Gatsby – Web quest/ Scavenger Hunt

Name: _______________________________________
The Great Gatsby Webquest: Click on the provided links [or find your own] to find information necessary for
answering the questions. Type answers in Word. Print when finished. Your Word file should not exceed two
pages – delete empty lines to save paper.
1. Describe the “Roaring Twenties.” Explore this site and its many links:
Flappers and the changing role of women in society
Impact of Prohibition
Conflicting views on jazz
Rise of the automobile (see also
2. Read this brief biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Describe some of the high points and low points in
Fitzgerald’s life.
3. What is meant by “the American dream”? Find and quote some definitions on the internet.
4. On a separate sheet of paper, compose a literary timeline with U.S. and world events beginning with
Fitzgerald’s birth year and ending with the year of his death. The timeline must include a minimum of five (5)
U.S. and world events and five (5) Fitzgerald-related events. Staple your timeline to this Word document
after you print it.