Fitzgerald article questions

F. Scott Fitzgerald (intro article for The Great Gatsby)
Questions for discussion.
1. Using evidence from the article, describe F. Scott Fitzgerald. Very
confident in himself, almost egotistic. Thought highly of himself.
2. Explain the description: “…not at all a scholar’s scholar; rather, he
was more a collegian’s collegian.” He was a party person, who
regularly attended events rather than focusing on school.
3. Provide an overview of Fitzgerald and Zelda’s relationship.
How can they be described as self-destructive? There’s no foundation
for a relationship, just wild party habits and infatuation.
4. What do you learn about Zelda? She was also a party person with a
history of mental illness in her family.
5. What was one of Fitzgerald’s biggest problems? Why? Partying. It took
away from his studies and his focus on work.
6. What brought an end to Fitzgerald’s success as a writer? Stock market
crash, he was horrible with money and couldn’t keep it.
Complete the outline based on the article.
I. Fitzgerald’s early life
A. Born in 1897, he was born as a kid who was thought to grow up and be
B. Got into Princeton in 1913, and partied instead of doing work.
C. Joined the war in 1917
II. Zelda
A. Family history of mental illness
B. Turned down Fitzgerald because of his lack of money, she was a
C. Married Scott as soon as he got money.
D. Insane party habits.
III. Fitzgerald’s later life
A. Struggling writer
B. Declining health and family life
IV. Major works
A. The Side of Paradise
B. The Beauty and the Damned
C. Great Gatsby