RCN Cumbria BRANCH M I N U T E S Of the Cumbria Branch

Of the Cumbria Branch Meeting held on 4 October 2012 in the Mardale room at
University of Cumbria, Newton Rigg, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0AH, commencing at
2.00 p.m.
1 Neil Anderson
2 Clare Barlow
3 Margaret Broatch
4 Ella Dervin
5 Billy Drysdale (Chair)
6 Karen Dutton
7 Chris Kitchen
8 Rachael Ridley
9 Maureen Higginson
10Sharon Jenner
11Julie Bowman
1 Mandy Clark
2 Ella Cullen (President)
3 Estephanie Dunn
4 Janet MacLean
Rachael Ridley
1 Fiona Bolton
2 Ian Harvey
3 Johnette Irving
4 Helen Lloyd
5 Andrew Nelson
6 Sue Tomlinson
7 Karen Taylor
Welcome, introductions and apologies
Apologies were noted as above.
Sue Tomlinson contacted the regional office to pass her thanks to the
Branch for the card and to inform them that her health is improving
and she is making good progress.
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Chairs Report
Prior to the start of the AGM the Chair asked members to do a SWOT
(…….) analysis. The purpose of this exercise is to identify
challenges and to set objectives after the analysis has been
performed. This would allow achievable goals or objectives to be set
for the branch. This was to address strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats. The Chair following this exercise will
compile the information to assist with updating the branch action
plan, recruitment & retention of members and activists; and any other
of the key aspects of branch activity.
Mandy to type all analyses completed by the branch and provide to
the chair after the meeting has took place to develop possible
Full Time Officers Report
Estephanie gave an update from Martin O’Neill, RCN Officer who
provided the following information regarding NHS Direct North West,
Cumbria Partnership Foundation Trust and NHS Cumbria (Cumbria
NHS Direct North West – Martin has been involved in the discussions
over the transition from NHS Direct to NHS111 in the county. He
noted that NHS Direct have won the contract to provide NHS111 in the
North West from their call centres in Bolton; Kendal and Carlisle. This
however does not protect the future of the satellite call centres in
Carlisle and Kendal and our members who work there. There will be
further discussion about the future of these call centres once the
NHS111 contract goes live in April 2013.
Cumbria Partnership Foundation Trust – Martin attended the
partnership away day in July which was held in Kendal along with
RCN Stewards Ian Harvey and Karen Taylor and representatives from
management and staff side to agree an action plan. The stewards
have been involved in meetings regarding consultations and TUPE
transfers; and regularly attend the monthly Partnership Forum (JCC).
NHS Cumbria (Cumbria PCT) – Martin has met with the HR manager
responsible for the Transition of the remaining staff in PCTs over to
the NHS Commissioning Body and the Cumbria Clinical
Commissioning Group. He is also discussing the transfer of Public
Health staff from PCT to Local Authority. Martin was pleased to hear
that Moira Angel has been appointed as the Nursing Director for the
Northumberland Tyne and Wear and Cumbria Local Area Team of the
NHS Commissioning Board.
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Estephanie provided an update regarding the Acute Trust. She
advised that the Nursing Review was at a standstill but work is
underway with the other Trade Unions to try to progress the issue.
The Midwifery Review is also underway and work place meetings
have taken place as a joint TU grievance has been lodged around the
process and the Band 7’s whose roles are at risk. Outstanding issues
are going to be raised with the new Interim Chief Executive Ann Farrar
regarding the concerns. A meeting has been arranged for the RCN to
attend in the near future with Chris Platton and Damian Gallagher in
It was suggested that at future branch meetings updates to be
provided by each Trust reps to ensure communication is cascaded to
all members that all issues are being dealt with by the RCN.
Notes of the previous AGM and branch meeting
The notes of the previous AGM and previous Branch meeting were
accepted as a true and accurate record.
Matters Arising from the previous meeting
There were no matters arising from the previous notes which were not
substantive Agenda items.
Ratification of activists and activist engagement with training and
Information on activist engagement with training and mentorship, and
information provided by activists was shared with the Branch. The
branch agreed a process for any representatives who were not
complying with training and mentorship, that each representative who
had been identified would be corresponded with on an individual basis.
The Chair expressed to the branch that they need to commit and
engage on CPD.
Karen Dutton expressed the concern that existing CPD seem to be for
Stewards and not for Learning Reps. CPD should be more generic
and suitable for all three roles. This may improve on attendance at
CPDs. Estephanie highlighted the core relevance of CPD.
Estephanie advised discussions will be taking place regarding CPDs
with the Institute and that she already spoken to the Learning &
Development Facilitator about producing Learning Rep and Health &
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Safety Rep specific topics.
The latest membership statistics were presented at the meeting.
Discussions took place regarding new members who may not know
who the reps are in the Trusts. Advised to either contact the regional
office or RCND to find this information out.
The Chair requested the figures of calls RCND have taken within the
Cumbria area – Estephanie to find out and send to the Chair.
Finance report to include inventory forms and branch signatory
The latest financial information provided by RCN Finance Department
was shared with Branch members.
Branch Action Plan – Progress report
Following the SWOT Analysis exercise the Chair plans to use the
information shared by the branch to assist with updating the Branch
Action Plan for the next branch meeting to be discussed and agreed.
Report on Casework
The number of case files opened on CMS was discussed at the
meeting and it was noted that the Northern Region has the highest
number of case files opened.
Estephanie expressed concerns regarding the occasions when files
are not opened by the Cumbria branch on the case management
system. This does not show a true reflection of the activity in the
patch. All Stewards are required to comply with the case
management system and failure to do so can lead to disaccreditation.
If any reps are having difficulties in doing this they should contact the
regional office and time could be provided on a one to one basis to go
through the process. Case folders should be ordered through RCND.
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Calendar of meetings
The Chair discussed venues of branch meetings and whether the
moving around of meetings worked. Attendance seemed to improve
since the meetings returned to Newton Rigg. The branch agreed to
change the time of future meetings to 10:30-2:30pm.
The Chair led discussions around having work place/educational
meetings twice a year in addition to branch meetings. The Branch
agreed this may be a good idea as meeting as a branch 3 times a year
doesn’t seem enough. No support would be provided from the
regional office at these meetings unless staff were in the area and
would be able to assist. The Branch considered possible dates in Mid
March and in Mid August to make it that they meet every two months.
It was noted that the proposed RCN calendar for 2013 would be
ratified at the Board meeting on 17 October and notified to the Branch
after that date.
Resolutions have to be in by the end of November 2012. The Chair
asked if anyone wanted to do an item on the agenda. Karen Dutton
raised the option of Band 5’s and that when they get to the top of the
increments where they go from there and feels some frustration. Is
there any work that can be done around this? Possible ongoing
development of Band 5’s and their roles. They are doing all the
mentorship with no recognition.
Mandy advised the branch that accommodation had been booked.
The following representatives expressed their interest in attending
Congress in 2013: Clare Barlow, Rachael Ridley, Ella Cullen, Chris
Kitchen and Andrew Nelson. Sharon Jenner and Angela Dervin to
attend as first timers.
Rachael agreed to ascertain the amount of interest around on
providing a coach to take students to Congress and to advise the
branch once she had this information.
Board Papers
Neil provided a report on the Board papers that had been circulated to
him in preparation for the forthcoming October Board meeting.
Estephanie advised the branch that a seat was up for election for a
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two year period if anyone was interested. Information had been
cascaded to everyone already.
Rachael Ridley expressed her interest in taking the seat for the branch
to attend the Northern Board. Billy Drysdale proposed and Neil
Anderson seconded this proposal and for Sharon Jenner to be the
Deputy. Arrangements were made for Sharon and Rachael to meet
up to do the necessary paperwork as the deadline for submission is 31
October and the decision will be disclosed on the 19 December.
Update from the Equality and Diversity Committee
An update was provided by Rachael Ridley regarding the work she
has been involved in whilst being on the Equality and Diversity
Committee. She attended a meeting recently which addressed a
number of issues including the government making changes to the
Equality Act 2010 and the issue around a number of BME cases had
been referred to the NMC and a study had been carried out by the
RCN to look into this as a lot of the cases had been thrown out and a
lot of questions as to why this is happening have been raised looking
at possible discrimination against these members.
Explanation of election process
Prior to the elections taking place, branch members were reminded
that under 5.3 of the Branch Constitution, it states that the Chair,
Secretary, Treasurer and any other committee member should be
elected annually at the Branch AGM. Any member of the Branch can
nominate themselves at the AGM.
To be valid, each nomination must be seconded by the Branch
member, and it should be put to the vote at the AGM. No member can
occupy more than one seat.
Election of branch honorary president
Ella Cullen was proposed as President by Chris Kitchen and seconded
by Billy Drysdale. The Branch voted unanimously on this proposal.
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Election of chair, secretary, treasurer and other branch executive
Billy Drysdale was proposed as Chair by Rachael Ridley and seconded
by Maggie Broatch. The Branch voted unanimously on this proposal.
Sharon Jenner was proposed as Secretary by Neil Anderson and
seconded by Karen Dutton. The Branch voted unanimously on this
Neil Anderson was proposed as Treasurer by Maggie Broatch and
seconded by Rachael Ridley. The Branch voted unanimously on this
Rachael Ridley was proposed as Branch Executive Member by Billy
Drysdale and seconded by Chris Kitchen.. The Branch voted
unanimously on this proposal.
Karen Dutton was proposed as Branch Executive Member by Rachael
Ridley and seconded by Billy Drysdale. The Branch voted
unanimously on this proposal.
Maggie Broatch was proposed as Branch Executive Member by Billy
Drysdale and seconded by Sharon Jenner. The Branch voted
unanimously on this proposal.
Julie Bowman was proposed as Branch Executive Member by Billy
Drysdale and seconded by Karen Dutton. The Branch voted
unanimously on this proposal.
Long service award
Chris Kitchen was presented by the Chair with her Long Service Award
for 15 years active service with the RCN.
Date and time of next meeting
The next meeting was scheduled for the 31st January 2013 at Newton
Rigg, Penrith.
Any other Business
Maggie Broatch advised the branch that NHS Direct for Carlisle and
Kendal jobs are not safe and they will find out by the end of October if
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they have a job. They are in the process of discussing staffing and
plans are underway for training to be provided if they do get kept on.
Options may be available for early retirement for staff aged 55 and
over. Maggie will keep the branch updated and the regional office.
Karen Dutton advised the branch that she was in the planning stages
of arranging a nursing conference with Simon Jackson, Senior
Lecturer, University of Cumbria and that they had provided availability
of 4/5/6/9 April next year for the conference to take place. Karen
requested ideas from the branch re a possible theme and to provide
this information to both her and Rachael Ridley as the conference
Estephanie provided the branch with a briefing regarding the
confidential intelligence sharing database advising that more
information will be cascaded shortly by email.
The Chair asked the branch if they would like to put on a reps
conference for Cumbria. It was agreed they would like to undertake
this. To be discussed further at a later date.
The Chair also expressed the interest in putting a study session
forward re the ACT on high level occupational stress. He is keen for
representatives to attend and will discuss this further when more
details are available. Due to the charge per person to possibly take
from the branch funds.
The branch presented Ella Cullen, Branch President with a card and
gifts for her 80th birthday.
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