History of Microbiology Questions

History of Microbiology Questions
1) Describe what you believe is the most important practice or discovery of ancient cultures in
regards to microbiology as discussed in the first portion of the lab on Early Microbiology. Be sure
that you include a detailed and thorough discussion of why.
2) Of the 5 scientists studied in this exercise, list the scientist that you believe had the most
profound and lasting contribution to the field of microbiology. Be sure that you include a detailed
and thorough discussion of why.
3) Today we have eliminated (almost) smallpox on earth. The only two sources of the virus are in
special labs in the US and Russia. There is a debate among the scientific community as to what to
do with these remaining viruses. In 1996 they were just hours away from being destroyed when a
decision was made to have more debate. What is your vote?
4) What do you think of Jenner using a child to test his theory on? Do we experiment today on
people without their knowledge?
5) Many of the clergy of Ehrlich's day opposed his attempts to find a cure for syphilis because they
said this was God's punishment for the sin of fornication. Can you think of a parallel that applies
6) List Anton Von Leeuwenhoek's greatest contribution to Microbiology.
7) Why is Leeuwenhoek referred to as the "Father of Microbiology"?
8) Give your opinion of only Sir Alexander Fleming receiving credit for the "discovery" of Penicillin.
9) List Koch's Postulates
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