2015 VJAS Abstract Submission Form

VJAS Abstract Submission Form for 2015 Research Symposium
Each person (or group of multiple authors) that will be presenting a paper at the 2015 Virginia Junior
Academy of Science Research Symposium is required to use this form to submit the abstract of the paper
for publication in the 2015 VJAS Proceedings.
After completing the form please SAVE (in Word DOC or DOCX format) and RENAME the form as follows:
category code and (if applicable) section, student(s) name(s), 1st two words and last two words in title. See
examples below:
Example 1: AH_A_smithjames_theeffect_aquaticplants.doc
Example 2: PHY_jonesamy_smithsusan_astudy_windturbine.doc
Please send saved & renamed file as an email attachment by May 18, 2015. Use email address and subject
line format provided below.
 Address: vjasabstracts@vacadsci.org
 Subject line: category code and (if applicable) section, student(s) name(s)
Example 1: AH_A_smithjames
Example 2: PHY_jonesamy_smithsusan
Name of Student’s School Sponsor:
Sponsor’s Email Address:
Please mark the appropriate section - left double-click on box, select checked, click on OK.
Middle School Categories
Animal & Human Sciences A
Animal & Human Sciences B
Chemical Science A
Chemical Science B
Chemical Science C
Ecology & Earth Sciences A
Ecology & Earth Sciences B
Engineering & Math A
Engineering & Math B
Human Behavior A
Human Behavior B
Physical Science A
Physical Science B
Physical Science C
Plant Science & Microbiology A
Plant Science & Microbiology B
High School Categories
Environmental Science A
Environmental Science B
Environmental Science C
Math, Statistics & Computer Science
Medicine & Health A
Medicine & Health B
Microbiology & Cell Biology
Please enter the following information from your paper in the boxes below according to the instructions
provided. All boxes will expand as text is entered. Information may be typed directly on form or can be
“copied” and “pasted” from your paper.
Paper Title:
Author Name(s):
School Name, City, State and Zip (please provide complete official school name):
Body of Abstract: Please enter abstract text in box below - one paragraph, single spaced, not bolded
and no more than 3000 characters or ~1/2 page in length