Emotions Webquest

AP Psychology: Emotions Webquest
Directions: Go to the Genes to Cognition website, http://www.g2conline.org and thoroughly answer all the
Use the search box and search emotions
1. What are mirror neurons? How do they effect emotions, which emotion is the easiest to test? (3 points)
Go back to the search box and go to dissect-a-face
2. Who first studied facial expressions? (1 point)
3. Who has done more recent work regarding universal facial expressions? (1 point)
4. What are the 6 universally accepted facial expressions? (3 points)
5. Which other 2 emotions are now being considered as universal? (1 point)
6. How many Universal emotions does Ekman currently propose there may be?
(1 point)
7. Briefly explain how the eyes and mouth play a role in the dissect- face activity.
(2 points)
Go to the website: http://www.humintell.com/2010/06/the-seven-basic-emotions-do-you-know-them/
Describe the facial features that indicate each of the following emotions (1 point each)
8. Happiness:
9. Surprise:
10. Disgust:
11. Fear:
12. Anger:
13. Sadness:
Go to Theories of Emotions and explain the following
14. James-Lange Theory (1 point)
15. Cannon-Bard Theory: (1 point)
16. Schachter’s two-factor (2 points)
16b: Briefly explain the bridge experiment and tie it into Schachter’s theory
Go to CIO, take the micro facial expressions test?
17. How many of the 10 facial expressions did you get correct on the first try?
(If you need to see a microexpression again press the number of the facial expression)