Final Exam Review: Spanish I

Final Exam Review: Spanish I
Summary: The final exam will have different sections – culture, grammar, vocabulary, reading
comprehension, and writing.
 Complete the YELLOW review sheet with the question/answers and grammar!
 Subject pronouns and verb conjugations (ER/AR/IR, stem-change verbs, yo-go verbs, reflexive
verbs, twice irregular verbs, modal verbs)
 How to answer questions with the correct subject pronoun forms
 Definite and Indefinite articles
 Rules for making nouns plural
 Adjective placement rules
 Possession rules (both possessive adjectives like “mi, mis, tu, tus, etc” and possessive phrase rules
like “el libro de Nicola”)
 Rules for using the personal “a”
 All vocabulary from the PINK review sheet!!
 Study the GREEN review packet!
 Study the countries and capitals
 Look over cultural sections of the text that we have read – pg 90, 122, 156-157, 158, 188, 190, 191,
220, 222
 Look over the video sheets we have completed about Spain and Mexico
Part 1 – All Written, MONDAY, MAY 13 (BEFORE YOU GO TO D.C.)
 Choose 10 of 13 questions to answer in Spanish using all different subjects (review the
 7 phrases to translate with correct adjective placement and plural/singular forms of nouns
 5 Making nouns/articles plural
Part 2, TUESDAY, MAY 21
 73 multiple choice/matching vocabulary terms (SCANTRON)
 26 culture questions (SCANTRON)
 12 verb boxes from various verb types
Part 3 – All Scantron, WEDNESDAY, MAY 22
 82 multiple choice/matching vocabulary terms
 5 Personal “a” questions
 5 reading questions
 8 reading comprehension with questions/answers