Grammar 1: Subjects and Verbs


Grammar 1: Subjects and Verbs

Note: We will use the standard here of underlining the subjects once and verbs twice.

Definition: A verb is a word that shows action (runs, hits, slides) or state of being (is, are, was, were, am, and so on).

Examples: He ran around the block.

Ran is the verb.

You are my friend.

Are is the verb.

Definition: A subject is the noun or pronoun that performs the verb.

Example: The woman hurried.

Woman is the subject.

For more rules and help, see The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation: Tenth Edition by Jane Straus Pgs. 1-5.

Finding Subjects and Verbs: Exercise 1

Underline the subjects once and the verbs twice.

Example: She scratched her silver ring against the edge of the pool.

1. He depends on her in times of need.

2. Watch your step.

3. The insurance agent gave her sound advice.

4. On the table was her purse.

5. In the newspaper, an interesting article appeared.

6. Look before you leap.

7. Across the road lived her boyfriend.

8. We are forced to inhale and exhale this smog-filled air.

9. In the gutter, I found a shiny new dime.

10. Around every cloud is a silver lining.

11. Every one of the roses bloomed.

12. This gorgeous piano is tuned to perfection.

13. Every environmental regulation has been undermined by that industry.

14. My gift for walking and talking simultaneously did not go unnoticed.

15. Your red scarf matches your eyes.

16. Every attempt to flatter him failed miserably.

17. Think before you speak and you will be glad for the things you never said.

18. If all is lost, why am I still playing?

19. Jared needed a pity party after he lost his job.

20. Have you memorized all the chemical symbols on the chart?

21. Buses has only one s in the middle of it.

22. Please answer the question without smirking.