The Yellow Wallpaper Annotation Chart

“The Yellow Wallpaper”
Reading and Analysis Assignment
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1. Read ”The Yellow Wallpaper.” As you read, consider the following questions:
 What are the assumptions about women during this time period? What are the
expectations of women in marriage and society?
 What are the assumptions about men during this time period? What are the expectations
of men in marriage and society?
 How do men’s and women’s roles differ in marriage and society?
While you’re reading, it might be helpful to annotate the text in order to keep track of
significant moments.
2. Choose four moments from the text that address the questions above. Write the line from the
text in the left-hand column, and in the right-hand column, analyze what kind of insight we
gain about women, men, or marriage in the 19th century.
Textual Evidence (with page number)
Example (You may not use this one):
1. “John laughs at me of course, but one
expects that in marriage.” (page 1)
Your Analysis
1. In this line the reader gets the idea that
women were typically viewed as silly or
foolish by their husbands. It is apparent that
women were not given much respect in
society—even by their own husbands.