Social Psychology Study Guide - heather-auten

Social Psychology Study Guide
1) What theory did Fritz Heider believe in?
2) Define Prejudice.
3) What is the bystander effect? Give an example.
4) Coming to school wearing an outfit that you know you will not get made
fun of in is an example of…?
5) What term is associated with Solomon Asch’s experiment?
6) Describe what happened in Solomon Asch’s experiment?
7) Define Deindividuation
8) According to the cognitive dissonance theory, human beings are
motivated to
9) When a group takes a more extreme position on issues that the individuals
comprising the group, that is known as what?
10) Describe Stanley Milgram’s experiment. What about it surprised you the
11) According to Fritz Heider, people tend to attribute others’ behavior to
_____________ or __________.
12) Define foot-in-the-door phenomenon. Give an example.
13) What does theory X say?
14) What does theory Y say?
15) Knowing that getting a speeding ticket for actually going over the speed
limit is a fair decision made by the cop is understanding what social
psychology term?
16) What experiment did Philip Zimbardo do?
17) Unselfish regard for the welfare of others describes what social
psychology term?
18) Give an example of social facilitation.
19) Give an example of informational social influence.
20) Give an example of social loafing.
21) Give an example of Normative social influence.
22) Give an example of self-fulfilling prophecy
23) Give an example of group think.