Advanced Placement Psychology Summer Assignment M. Freeman

Advanced Placement Psychology
Summer Assignment
M. Freeman
Scope: The study of psychology has been dominated by research. Only by in-depth study can man truly
understand the nature of human behavior. The following are ten (10) landmark studies in the history of
Albert Bandura’s observational learning studies on aggression
John B. Watson’s ‘Baby Albert’ studies on classical conditioning of fear
Stanley Milgram’s ‘shock’ studies on obedience
Solomon Asch’s ‘line’ studies on conformity
Philip Zimbardo’s ‘Stanford prison study’ and the Lucifer Effect
Harry Harlow’s monkey studies
Gibson and Walk’s ‘visual cliff’ studies
David Rosenhan’s ‘pseudo-patient’ studies
Mary Ainsworth’s ‘strange situation’ paradigm studies
Diane Baumrind studies on parenting styles
Assignment: Individually, or with a partner, you will extensively research any two (2) of these studies.
After completing your research, you will then complete some sort of project-based expression of
creativity in order to visually present your findings for each study. Examples of such expression could
be, but is not limited to:
1. Poster
2. Collage
3. Original artwork
4. Actual imagery from the studies themselves
5. Original construction
6. Other
 All projects should be accompanied by a 1-2 page typed abstract of the study
 You will NOT be required to do an oral/class presentation of your work
 The work of partnerships should be shared for both projects; i.e. it should NOT be a situation
where one person does one project and the other person does the other project
 This assignment will constitute 5-10% of your 1st quarter grade
 You have a high level of freedom in how you choose to express yourselves, but all forms of
expression need to be appropriate. If you have any questions on this matter, please see me.