Jesus, Moses and Daniel

Jesus came to make the teachings of Moses and the prophets come true Mathew
Jesus went through pain and suffering, and made the ultimate sacrifice when
he was crucified.
He was persecuted against m the Romans
Moses comes up in the slaves spirituals.
Moses gave up his position of authority as prince of Egypt to lead the
oppressed out of Egypt.
He was the baby in the basket!
Moses had powers from God and used his powers from god to free the
oppressed Hebrews (Israelites Jewish people = slaves in Egypt)
In the black slaves spirituals the black slaves used words such as Hebrews
Israelites Jewish people as code for them selves.
And like the slaves in Egypt some believed that a saviour would come and
save them. For some this would be Jesus or in the after life or an individual
who would actually help them rebel.
Moses was called to save the slaves and oppressed by the burning bush.
Daniel started off as an oppressed person in another country. Then he was
given a position of authority by the king. And he was made in charge of the
country, the other servants tried to fame him but they couldn’t because he
didn’t do anything wrong.
The servants said to the king “Oh Great King, you are so wonderful that no
one should pray to anyone but you”
The King liked this and made it law that every one had to worship him and
anyone who did not would be thrown in to the lions den.
The servants when as a group to find Daniel worshiping his god (he was
Jewish the Jewish God is Yahweh). The king liked Daniel and didn’t want him
to die but the servants reminded him that the law could not be changed.
Daniel was thrown in to the lions den and the king said
“hope your god who you serve and pray to will rescue you”
Next day the kind went to the lions den to find Daniel OK God has protected
his faithful servant by sending down an angel.
Daniels people (Jewish people) where being oppressed and persecuted in a
foreign country.
God rewarded Daniel because he was faithful to him.