Rebekah Arey
May 4th, 2009
6th Period
Atomic Bomb Debate-Negative
Many people can look at the dropping of the atomic bomb as both a good and a
bad thing. There are great reasons for each side and many people go back and forth on
the issue. According to Bill Dietrich, Seattle Times Staff reporter, there are many
reasons the atomic bomb should not have been dropped. If America had given a
demonstration over the harbor of Tokyo, the people may have been convinced to
surrender. This act would have given them an idea of what they were in for and allowed
them time to decide what they would want for themselves. Also, America did not allow
enough time for the news to spread about the effects of the atomic bomb before Nagasaki
was bombed. If we had waited a little while longer the news would have filtered out
among the people and we could have saved many lives by using only the one bomb and
not the second.
According to Alonzo Hamby, there was no reason to drop the atomic bomb.
President Truman was only focused on saving American lives, not in humanity in
general. Yes, American lives would have been lost had we gone to fight against Japan,
but he did not take into consideration how many lives could have been saved by not using
the atomic bomb.
According to Martin J. Sherwin the use of the atomic bomb was avoidable and
was not inevitable like some people tend to think. There are other ways to negotiate and
work with another country to get their attention and come to an agreement. There are
still so many unknowns to the American public. For all we know, Japan was almost
ready to surrender. They had already lost close to sixty of its cities; they probably did not
want to lose anymore and were about ready to call it quits.
Your first sentence reflects no opinion-this paper should clearly define the negative case.
EDIT-Same problems with weak verbs, this assignment affirmative/negative is one
grade-lets go with a 90.