Air Pollution, climate change and ozone depletion study guide

Air Pollution, Climate Change and Ozone Depletion
1. What are some of the general effects of air pollution on the environment?
2. What are the main sources of air pollution?
3. What are the major air pollutants?
4. What is the difference between primary and secondary air pollutants?
5. Where are air pollution problems the most severe?
6. What is smog?
What chemical reactions and atmospheric conditions are involved in the formation of smog?
7. What is acid rain?
What causes acid rain?
What are the environmental effects of acid rain?
8. How can acid rain and other air pollutants be controlled?
9. What are the most common indoor air pollutants?
10. Why are some people more strongly affected than others by indoor air pollutants?
11. What is radon gas and why is it an indoor pollution problem?
What is the acceptable level of indoor radon as set by the EPA?
13. What are atmospheric conditions like in the troposphere and stratosphere?
14. Describe each of these key properties of the atmosphere that influence weather and climate:
air pressure:
air temperature:
15. What causes global air circulation and wind patterns? What is the prevailing wind in the continental US?
16. What is weather?
What is climate?
17. What are the types of climate by latitude?
What is the significance of climate type for biogeography?
18. What is global warming? What factors affect the temperature at or near the Earth’s surface?
19. List the characteristics of:
20. What causes the seasons?
21. Explain the Coriolis Effect.
22. What causes wind?
23. Why are they called the “Horse Latitudes”?