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December 2011
101 Milton Avenue, Ballston Spa, NY 12020
12-2 Orchestra/Crafts/Parade (S,P)
beginning at 5:00 PM
12-3 Roast Beef Dinner (FR)
4:00- 6:30 PM
12-4 Sunday Worship with Communion
10:00 AM
12-4 Children’s Choir and Christmas Program rehearsal after worship
12-5 Choir Rehearsal (P)
6:30 PM
12-6 Finance (P)
6:30 PM
12-8 Trustees (CH)
7:00 PM
12-9 FOGGS (4th & 5th Grade Youth) (FR)
6:00 PM
12-10 Christmas Program Rehearsal
9:00 AM
12-10 High School Holiday Childcare
9 AM - 3 PM
12-11 Worship with Sunday School
10:00 AM
12-11 GOLF (Middle School Youth Group) (FR)
5:30 PM
12-12 Choir Rehearsal (S)
6:30 PM
12-12 United Methodist Women (P)
6:30 PM
12-13 Church Council (P)
7:00 PM
12-17 Free Lunch (FR)
11:30 AM
12-17 Christmas Program (S,P)
6:30 PM
12-18 Sunday Worship with Sunday School
10:00 AM
12-18 Fair Trade Sale after worship
12-18 GOLF Caroling
12:00 PM
12-19 Choir Rehearsal (S)
6:30 PM
12-19 United Methodist Women (P)
6:30 PM
12-20 SPRC (P)
7:00 PM
12-23 FOGGS (4th & 5th Grade Youth) (FR)
6:00 PM
12-25 Sunday Worship - no Sunday School
10:00 AM
12-26 Voice & Bell Choir Party (FR)
5:30 PM
12-31 GOLF lock-in
6:00 PM
S=Sanctuary, FR=Fellowship Room, P=Parlor, CH=Church House
Sunday Worship
10:00 a.m.
A Note from the Pastor
“The Totally Different Peace”
1) People, outside of the Church, fight with each other
for the small piece of pie. That is what we have
learned from our parents, teachers from our system.
Our social system has been made on this principle, the
principle of competition. How many times have we
heard saying, “Go get it, tiger!”? To get it, whatever it
is, we attack each other, push each other away, hate
each other. Even when we got it, happiness is one
moment. Right away, we are worried of losing it. We
are always in attacking mode of lifestyle.
12-1 Marian Phillips
12-4 Louisa Heffernan
12-6 Cathy Cenzer
12-7 Michael Conley
12-10 Jean Keehan
12-14 Heather Leggieri
12-15 Dan Fenton; Glenn Harrison
12-16 Mark LeRoy
12-23 Kesandra Husselbeck
12-24 Mary Jane Hale
12-28 Doris Lee
12-29 Frank Duquette
12-31 Shelley Fenton
2) Have you ever given up this attacking mode
lifestyle? When we do it, the peace is overflowing our
heart. That is why the Bible calls Jesus “the King of
Peace”. The lifestyle Jesus taught is totally different
than what the world is teaching us. Jesus taught us
the alternative lifestyle. Jesus showed us there are
many, many, many pieces of slice of pie even to feed
5000 people. (John 6:1-13)
12-13 Beverly & Merritt Westfall
12-14 Joelle & Gary Ziele
3) Faith in Jesus Christ is not knowledge. It is
practice. Sometimes Satan lures some good Christians
to worry too much about just a piece of pie, and
makes them fight like a dog to get it or not to lose it.
Then we became no more a Christian. All the
goodness of teaching of Christ disappears. We will
experience all kind of difficulties, all kind of
misfortunes, and the worries for the future.
Please let the Church Office know if there are any
additions and/or corrections.
Library Corner
THE BOOK OF VIRTUES by William J. Bennett
4) What Jesus taught us is to take that small piece of
pie, break it and begin to give it away with a big smile.
Then we will find that we can feed 5000 with that
small piece.
This is a “Treasury of Great Moral Stories.” It
is not meant to be read from cover to cover. It is
made for browsing. There are stories, poems, and
excerpts to illustrate the following virtues: Self
Discipline, Compassion, Responsibility, Friendship,
Work, Courage, Perseverance, Honesty, Loyalty, and
Faith. The story of “Beauty and the Beast” is given as
an example of compassion. Outside appearances are
sometimes deceiving. The story of “Ruth and Naomi”
from the Bible illustrates “Friendship.” Browse through
and pick out stories or poems that interest you. The
book will have a blue circle on the back, so look at the
shelves which have books with blue circles on the
spines. ENJOY!
5) That is what the people who do not have Holy Spirit
can not understand. There are people who practice
the lifestyle of giving up the attacking mode even
though they do not understand it. They are called “the
Christian.” They experience the strange peace
“totally different PEACE.” That is why we say, “I
wish you a Merry Christmas.”
6) Do you have anxiety or worries for the future?
Welcome Jesus in our heart and experience the
Rev. Youngstone Jhun
There are many books available in the Library. Just
sign the card in the back of the book and put it in the
box on the top of the bookcase. Enjoy reading!
Prayer Shawl Ministry
they brought fair trade into their school making it the
first Fair Trade high school in the nation. For more
information: Siena College students were there to speak
about how they became the third college in the
country and the first Catholic college to be awarded
Fair Trade status. The students and faculty had great
advice for others on how to help bring fair trade to
their schools. For more information : There were
several workshops to attend including Fair Trade 101,
Fair Trade Towns, High Schools, and Universities,
Bringing Fair Trade Into Your Place of Worship, and
Buying Fair Trade Products for your Retail Store, Café ,
or Restaurant. There were groups there seeking advice
on how to help bring fair trade into their churches. I
met a young woman from New Jersey that wanted to
bring fair trade into her church but didn’t know how to
go about it. I met another from Clifton Park that was
having a difficult time convincing her church
community that they should become a fair trade
church. It was nice to represent the Ballston Spa
United Methodist Church and be able to help others get
their fair trade ministry started. So lots of good
information was shared and exchanged. We had a fair
trade chocolate tasting activity (Stan’s favorite!) and
learned a lot about the chocolate industry and how the
fair trade movement helps to eliminate forced child
labor in farm cooperatives involved in cacao
An unknown angel in the town of
Providence, NY! Pat Brewster and I
took a drive out to a town near Middle
Grove to pick up a donation of yarn.
The drive along winding and hilly country roads was
interesting enough. The end destination was amazing!
I drive a small compact car and we stuffed it full with
finished blankets and yarn! The woman who gave us
the donation was sharing her own mother’s goods.
Her mother, years ago and later in life, had decided to
become a nun. Her story is spiritually inspirational and
our church, the Tree of Life, and Pat’s group are the
recipients of this person’s love and generosity! As
always, GOD’s hand was involved in all that transpired.
Now, we can continue to pass along HIS love and
comfort through such a large donation.
Our Prayer Shawl bucket is overflowing. Please
remember to take what you need to give another
person an extra hug in spirit and in warmth!
The Prayer Shawl ministry is taking a break from
making shawls and blankets. We are now focused on
knitting or crocheting scarves for a mission of the
Special Olympics! This project ends in March.
Susan Thiem
Roast Beef Dinner & Bake Sale
Saturday, Dec. 3
4:00 to 6:30 pm.
All are welcome!!
Stan also attended a "meet and greet" at the Ballston
Spa Presbyterian Church just prior to the conference.
It was very interesting to meet Pedro Ascencio, a
coffee farmer and marketing coordinator from El
Salvador, who spoke about the history of his local
cooperative (Las Colinas) and the positive impact that
the Fair Trade movement has had on their ability to
educate their children and provide health care and
better housing for their families. Between 90 and 500
workers are in the Las Colinas cooperative depending
on the time of year and each worker has an equal
stake, an equal vote, and a voice in the key
decisions of the cooperative. Pedro personally thanked
each of those attending, especially those who purchase
and serve Fair Trade coffee and other FT products.
You could tell he was extremely thankful for being able
to be in Ballston Spa to meet with us and to tell the
story of his cooperative.
The menu will include: Sirloin tip roast beef, mashed
potatoes & gravy, peas & mushrooms, butternut
squash, coleslaw, rolls, homemade pies, coffee, tea
and juice. Sit down or Take out.
Cost for the dinner:
Adults $10; Children ages 5-12 $5.00
Please consider contributing specific food items, or
making a monetary donation to help with the purchase
of the food. See Jan or George Mallette for more
Fair Trade News
The Ballston Spa Fair Trade Coalition
recently hosted the 3rd Annual Fair Trade
Conference at Ballston Spa High School.
Mary Jane Hale, Stan Lockwood and I
attended the conference. The conference
was attended by people from all over representing
towns, high schools, colleges, churches and other
places of worship. One of the most exciting things for
me was seeing the many young high school and
college students in attendance from all over that were
interested, involved, and active in this movement.
There were many students and staff from the Emma
Willard School in Troy that spoke about how and why
Remember: The Fair Trade Certified Label stands for:
♦Fair prices for farmers
♦Direct trade relationships & access to credit
♦Safe & healthy working & living conditions for farmers
& their families
♦No Child Labor
♦Care for the environment
“…and what does God require of you but to do
-Micah 6:8
submitted by: Terri McAuliffe
What’s New in Sunday School
We’ve done a little shifting around
in Sunday School! Our first grade
children are now in class with our 2nd
and 3rd graders. We’ve been so
blessed with so many younger children,
our pre-K - 1st classroom was becoming
too full. All of the first-grade students have made the
transition beautifully!
We had a wonderful response to our Commitment
Sunday mission project. Thank you for generously
giving food to our food pantry - the shelves are now
well-stocked! We’ve also had a great response to our
“adopt -a- family mission”, and have provided several
nice Christmas gifts and other necessities to our four
children. As always, your generosity is so appreciated,
and we hope that we are teaching our children the
essential lesson of helping others.
Our Christmas Program is coming up on Saturday,
December 17th at 6:30 pm. Each classroom is working
hard to prepare something special for this evening.
You won’t want to miss it!
Wishing you a blessed Holiday season,
Grace Paster
Part of our spiritual growth can be assisting in
leading the worship services. Leading the service is a
demonstration of our faith...even if we are reluctant to
do it. Everyone in the pews is wanting you to do a
good job and God is your biggest fan. Hopefully,
everyone will offer or accept an invitation to minister
by leading the readings when asked. The following are
members of our congregation that have lead a service
from July through November. Bless all of you who
have served.
Glenn Harrison - July 17
Dick Traver - July 24
Diane Solotruck - July 31
Grace Paster - August 7
Carrie Sheeran - August 14
Walter Thiem - August 21
Mary Jane Hale - September 4
Marilynn Peterson - September 11
Frank Townley - September 18
Helen Senecal - September 25
Jennifer & Shawn Taylor - October 2
Christian Morrison - October 9
Kerri Preston - October 16
Jan Mallette - October 23
Thelma Armstrong - October 30
Stan Lockwood - November 6
Donna Lockwood - November 13
Ruth Persons - November 20
Helen Senecal - November 27
Choir Notes
Voice Choir will be rehearsing on Monday evenings
from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
The Handbell Choir rehearsals are held on
Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Everyone is
Children’s choir has started up with rehearsals after
worship. All children are invited to join. If there are
any questions regarding this please see Kelly Schmidt.
Please join us in the Holiday
Parade night happenings on
Friday December 2nd right here at
BSUMC! The talented Ballston Spa
High School orchestra will entertain
us with some holiday songs from
5:00 to 5:30. Children’s crafts tables
will be manned by the high school youth group for any
little ones who might be interested from 5:30 to 6:30.
Hot cocoa and various baked goods will be offered by
our younger youth groups as refreshments to the
congregation and all visitors who come to enjoy the
festivities. Remember we have the best entertainment,
parking and parade view in town and we are just a
block walk away from the tree lighting!
Highlights from
November 8th
Church Council
“Keep the Heat” envelopes will begin in
Food Pantry received several requests for
Thanksgiving baskets, they will be distributed
by Presbyterian Church on 11/21. Marian
Phillips will be away for December, and Helen
Senecal will take over during Marian’s absence.
Karen Groff participated in communication
training and would like to make a presentation
in January/February.
Due to possible allergic reactions, it was
requested that scented candles and strong
perfumes not be used during church services.
Estimated profit from 5K is $2624. Donations
were made to BACA ($1,250), Schoharie Relief
($500), the Food Pantry ($250), Shelters of
Saratoga ($500), and the Ambulance Corps
Toys for Tots collection ($124).
2012 Spending Plan was presented and will be
recommended to Charge Conference on 11/18.
company is clearing warehouse space for it at this
UMW Update
Craft Fair Report
Before I report the final number
for the Craft Fair and the Holiday
Café, I would like to express my
personal gratitude and thanks for anyone and
everyone who helped out with Craft Fair and the
Holiday Café. Our church family is amazing! Our
family “steps ups to plate” when there is a need. I
want to give the members of UMW a huge THANK YOU
too for all of their hard work on the show and for the
café. THANK YOU, to all, for making our event a
success. The final profit for the day was $711! This
will be split among BACA, UMW, Tree of Life, and our
December Holiday Gathering
UMW will be hosting a holiday gathering on
December 12th. Our goal is to host a gathering for all
women, no matter the age (no age minimum and no
age maximum). This will be a joyous time for women
to share in fellowship. We have exciting plans for the
first of the year. Bowling, cake decorating, and a
health program to start our new year of fellowship. If
you have a program idea, please join us in December
and share your thoughts with UMW.
From all members of UMW, may you have a
blessed and joyful Holiday Season!
Then, we went on to Cobleskill where we dropped off
the congregation's donation to the flood victims of
$1000. The funds will be administered by the
Schoharie County Community Action Program.
All of the people we saw on our trip, send many thanks
and deep appreciation for the donations for the people
of the Schoharie Valley.
High School Youth Group
What We Did in November...
-held our 2nd Homework Help
session, with some great team
building activities and
singing (thank you, Karen Groff
and Pastor Jhun)
-transported 25 Thanksgiving Bags to the Presbyterian
Church (thank you, congregation)
-played a couple friendly games of Laser Tag
-helped young ones with crafts and served lunch for
the Hanging of the Greens
In spiritual fellowship,
Susan Thiem
Attention Parents with Young Ones....
Holiday ChildCare is coming...
Saturday, December 10, 2011
9am* - 3pm
(*or following their Christmas Program practice)
Fellowship Room and Parlor
Age 3 years through Grade 6
Mission Notes
The High School Youth Group of the
congregation is offering their services to help
give you busy parents a chance to get some
holiday errands done without your kids around.
Bring your child, or children, to the fellowship
room at any time during the hours mentioned
above and sign them in. We will provide games,
activities, and snacks. If they will be there for
lunch, please bring that also and we will keep it
in the kitchen. Feel free to pick them up at any
time- they do not have to stay until 3 if you feel
that is too long. This is a great opportunity for
everyone, little and big kids, to have some fun
together. Donations are welcome, with proceeds
going towards our trip to UpWord!, the annual
youth conference in Syracuse in April.
For more information, or to pre-register, please
contact Linda Sheeran at 885-1729,, or Karen Groff at 8853750,
We look forward to seeing you and your kids
On Wednesday, November 9th, Ilah Sisson Walser and
Breta Sisson went on a short mission trip to the
Schoharie Valley area. First stop was at the Carlisle
Fire Department where we dropped of:
113 knitted hats (The knitters - Breta, Ilah, Pat
Brewster, Estell Simmons, Helen Senecal, Sue Thiem)
68 pairs of mittens
2 shawls
5 baby blankets
4 new stuffed animals
a case of wipes
23 new children's books
table linens, salt and pepper set, candles, holiday
candle holders, two new throws/afghans, and assorted
other household items. These are distributed to
people affected by the flooding, in many cases people
who have lost their homes, possessions, and perhaps
even their jobs. The gentlemen of the Carlisle Fire
Dept. will offer this distribution as long as they can
before winter sets in. At that point items will be
moved to a central location near Cobleskill where a
Another Blast from the Past...
In his retirement he made his home in Bennington,
Vermont, but continued to preach in the area and in
the summer, he preached in Woodford City, where he
had served many years ago.
In 1930, Rev. Burke, his son Kenneth, also a
graduate of McGill University, died a tragic death.
Rev. George Burke died March 4, 1947 and his
funeral was held in Bennington, Vermont. His funeral
was largely attended by clergy from both Vermont and
New York churches. Rev. Wiliam Cashmore of Jerico,
his boyhood friend and fellow classmate from McGill,
gave a very fitting tribute. His body was held in the
Park Lawn Vault in Bennington and was later buried in
Orleans, Vermont. He was survived by his son Hugh,
his two sisters, Mrs. C.V. Tower of Collegeville, PA and
Mrs. D.B. Ewing of Westport, Ontario and one brother,
William of Montreal.
Rev. Burke was a beloved pastor and earnest in all
his endeavors. He was a man of sterling qualities. He
made many friends and kept them. He was never too
busy to pause and willingly and cheerfully listen to all
those in need. He never compromised where the truth
was at stake. He stood firm when he was convinced
he was right. He had a jovial and pleasant sense of
humor. Many called him blessed.
Thanks be to God for the life and ministry of Rev.
George W. Burke!
The next pastor in our series is the
Rev. George W. Burke. He was born in
Claremorris, Ireland on February 22,
1871. In 1884, he and his family
arrived in Canada and settled in the
Providence of Ontario. He prepared for the ministry at
McGill University and the Wesleyan Theological College
at Montreal, and later received a degree from
Oskaloosa College in Iowa.
In April 1896, he married Julia McNider of Metis
Beach, Quebec. That same year he joined the
Vermont Conference of the Methodist Episcopal
Church. He was then appointed to North Hero and Isle
of LaMotte. It was here that his son, Hugh was born.
Hugh became the medial director of the Royal Edward
and Laurentian Hospital in Montreal.
He then went on to serve in Enosburg, VT, where
his second son, Kenneth, was born. Soon after his
birth, Mrs. Burke died after a lingering illness.
In 1912, Rev. Burke married Florence E. Perley of
Enosburg who eased the burdens of his heart.
His other appointments in the Vermont Conference
included Fairfax, Orleans, Bellows Falls and Northfield.
In 1918, he transferred to the Troy Conference and
served in Peru, St. James in Cohoes, Corinth, Ballston
Spa, Trinity, Pittsfield, South Shaftsbury and North
Bennington. He served the Ballston Spa church in
Submitted by Karen Staulters, Church Historian
The church office will be accepting orders for Christmas poinsettias. All
orders must be placed by Wednesday, December 7th, with checks payable to
the Briarwood Flower & Gift Shoppe.
Given by: _______________________________________
In Memory/In Honor of: _____________________________________
Poinsettia: $12.50
Please feel free to remove your plant after the Christmas Eve Service to use in your
home or share with someone special.
From the Trustees...
As many of us now know, the main furnace in our Church failed when it was turned on for the first time this
heating season. The failure occurred despite having our annual cleaning and inspection. The Trustees have
determined that the system is beyond cost effective repair and needs to be replaced. This was not a complete
surprise to the Trustees as the system is over 50 years old and has been having problems over the past couple of
years. Our planning for replacement of the system actually began several months ago; we were, however, hoping to
get one to two more years out of the old system.
After receiving and evaluating three proposals we have selected a contractor, and the work to replace the old
system has begun. We are optimistically expecting the new furnace to be operational before December 1 st. Our
contractor is very aware of the importance the upcoming holiday season is to our Church. We are confident that the
contractor will do everything possible to get the new system installed and operating as quickly as possible. We ask for
and appreciate your prayers.
Our Church family continues to be very understanding during this challenging time - demonstrating the resiliency
Christians are known for. A special thank you goes out to everyone who makes our worship service in the Fellowship
Room comfortable and meaningful, including all of you, our Congregation. The Trustees also want to express their
gratitude to all of you who have expressed your support of the Trustees and your willingness to help.
The cost for replacement of the furnace is approximately $60,000. A number of people have asked how our
Church will pay for the new furnace. The short answer is through the generosity of a designated bequest from a
deceased member of our Church.
Now for the long answer. In the 176 year history of our Church we have been blessed with a very small number of
estate bequests. These bequests are typically made with the intent of providing a long term investment opportunity
for the Church with provisions to allow us to pay for emergency situations such as our current furnace problems. The
intent of these bequests has been to ensure that we as a Church family will continue to have a place to worship and a
place from where we can serve others. We are truly blessed with this amazing vision and legacy.
The expense of a new furnace along with the cost to replace the part of the roof on the front of the Church last
year has resulted in significant reductions in the bequests.
The day to day operations of our Church is funded by your contributions to the current expenses fund and the
building fund. Current expenses are administered by the Finance Committee and are used to pay day-to-day
expenses such as salaries, insurance, programs, and utilities. The building fund is administered by the Trustees and is
used to pay for maintenance and improvement projects to the extent funds are available. Our building fund did not
contain sufficient resources to pay for the furnace replacement necessitating the need to use the bequests. From time
to time memorial contributions are made to our Church. Memorial contributions are generally designated for a specific
use in memory or celebration of someone, for example the Food Pantry or kitchen renovation. Occasionally our
Church is provided with a memorial contribution that funds a major improvement; some more recent examples
include a new organ, the sound system, bells for the bell choir, stained glass window renovation, and the sign out in
In the near term, one of the greatest things we can all do to ensure the vitality of our Church is to make and keep
a financial commitment. Our Church does a tremendous amount of good with the funds we all give, but we know
there is so much more we could do and we want to do; this includes more mission, out-reach and over-due building
improvements. In the longer term consider our Church in your estate planning and what you can do to ensure its
continued growth.
May the peace of God be with us all.
Jeff Blake, Chair – Board of Trustees
Learn about our Church committees...
Beginning this issue, we are introducing a new feature of a short article about committees or groups within the
church. We hope that this will be a reminder to those who have been a part of the congregation for some time and a
helpful introduction to those who are new to our church to have an understanding of how committees work, what
words and abbreviations mean, and what the responsibilities of each committee of the church. This month we start
with the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC), sometimes referred to in the United Methodist Church (UMC) as
Pastor Parish Relations Committee (PPRC).
An elected body of five to nine members of the church to meet at least quarterly being charged with the duties as
described in The Book of Discipline, paragraph 258.2. Meetings are closed sessions and information shared within the
committee shall be confidential. The SPRC works with the pastor and staff on effectiveness of ministry, relationships
with the congregation, priorities of mission and ministry, interpretation of the nature and function of ministry in the
UMC, and works with individuals who are interested in entering the ministry, those who are local preachers,
candidates for the ordained ministry. The SPRC is the personnel body to hire and work with the staff, which in this
church includes the Office Assistant, the Organist and Choir Director, and the Custodian (Sexton). The SPRC works
with the District Superintendent (DS) as a representative of the Bishop of the Conference who appoints a pastor to the
church. A pastor is appointed for a one year term beginning July 1 of each year, pastors of the UMC are itinerate
(move from church to church appointed by the Bishop) and may be reappointed to a local church each year until
moved by the Bishop.
The SPRC membership, as with other committees of the church, is elected by the Charge/Church Conference annually,
with the committee membership being divided into three classes serving on a rotational basis, members serving for
three years each and able to succeed for an additional 3 year term. In our church the members of the SPRC
beginning January 2012 will be: Pat Brewster, Mary Jane Hale, Sheri Litchfield, Marilynn Peterson, Ilah Sisson Walser,
Frank Townley, Richard Traver, and Marcy Wilson. Ex Officio: Lay Leader – Glenn Harrison, and Lay Member to
Conference – Linda Sheeran.
Newsletter Deadline:
The deadline date for the November issue of The Tidings newsletter is
December 14th. You may e-mail your article to, drop
it off, or mail it to the office. Anyone may submit an article for the newsletter.
Church Council has brought forth the suggestion of a monthly wish list suggesting ideas for
the congregation to supply above their normal tithing or duties. If you have the extra cash or the
time, please donate as you see fit.
* Rolls of postage stamps (regular first class and postcard) (Church Office)
* Volunteers to help fold The Tidings (usually the third or fourth Wednesday of each month)
* Volunteers to work in the Thrift Shop (Tuesdays, 9:00 a.m. - Noon)
101 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
December Tidings
“Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors”