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Sudagar Dhandapani
60 North Nimitz Highway #2102
Honolulu, HI-96813
cell (808)-754-0583
[email protected]
Over 3 years of Software experience - Software Development/Business Analysis / Consulting
and Testing
Over 3 years of experience in system analysis, design, programming and testing the business
services, with MySQL and Oracle as database in developing custom applications based on
client's business requirements.
RDBMS design, database programming, database connectivity and security administration.
Worked as a software developer / analyst in different phases of software development life cycle
including System Analysis & Design, Unit & integration testing, implementation, system
documentation and system re-engineering.
Good understanding of business processes and process re-engineering
Gathering Requirements, Business Analysis
Lead development role in design development and implementation of Enterprise Software
Solutions for, Internet/E-Commerce projects.
Motivated self-starter with excellent technical knowledge, strong leadership and communication
Operating Systems : Windows XP, UNIX, MS-DOS.
: MYSQL, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i, MS-Access
: Rational Rose [UML], Java, Visual Basic.Net., XML
Script Languages : PHP, ASP.Net
Webdevelopment : HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, Flash, Frontpage and Dreamweaver
: MS-IIS, Apache, Tomcat
: Arcview, Arcsde, Arcmap, ArcIms
Technical Analyst, G.A.MORRIS INC, Hawaii, May 2002-Present
Technical Analyst, CAPITOL CONSULTANTS OF HAWAII, LLP. July 2004- Present
Application : Developed the database and website for Hawaii Condo Guide. Fully responsible for the
development of the project from start to finish. Involved in the process of designing the whole condo
guide project .This application is an Internet-based, e-commerce marketplace designed for the realtors to
buy or lease the Condo Guide. The realtors are given access to the floor plans residing on the Oracle
servers. The major features include real-time updates of orders, executions, thin client infrastructure,
buyer-side order management tools, market data, and account management, allocations and
daily/historical reports.
Responsible for analyzing, Designing, and Development of the Project
Involved in the code preparation for features such as Threads, Web based Email, Online Test, Tracking
Careers, Online File Sharing
Involved in content management preparation using content management tools.
Implementation of Virtual Tour, Google Maps and Image Gallery
Features Applied using Cookies, Sessions, SSL, Control Panel and Revise Panel
Worked with CURL Library functions for setting up advanced integration method with
gateway for secure credit card transaction.
Worked on open source modules such as OsCommerce.
Responsible for maintenance of database on server. Backup and Restore of database.
Maintenance of server such as creating domains, Virtual hosting, uploading files, Password
Authentication etc,
Developed prototypes for proposals and presentations to prospective clients
Tested applications for cross-browser issues
Involved in preparation of technical documentation & Search engine optimization.
Understanding business processes & identify value adding processes
Verisign Payflow Pro functions to process credit cards and other financial transactions
Design and development of database Schema in MySQL.
Loading of data from flat files to MYSQL.
Coding in PHP to enable connectivity between tables and forms, validation of user inputs and the
creation of various user queries.
Creation of tables, Synonyms and other schema objects for each study in production
Created Views wherever necessary.
Documentation of the entire screen developed for each study. This involves writing a document to
explain all the features and the functionality of each screen.
Prepared Test Plans of all Screens.
Complete testing of application as per users acceptance and providing Application
support while in production.
Design, Analysis and Generating of Various new Reports using Crystal Reports 8.0
Responsible for designing, developing and implementing the whole property management system.
Providing extensive Application support in production.
Transferring flat files using FTP from one server to another server where oracle
Wrote shell scripts to schedule the backup process.
Environment: Environment: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, ASP, Vbscript, HTML, Dreamweaver,
Software Programmer, Tom Petrus and Miller LLC, Hawaii, Jan 2002-May 2002
Application: Prolog is an Intranet project, which helps in maintaining
the time sheet of all employees and to calculate the total man-hours
spent on a particular project or module. It provides facility for the
Project Leaders to assign daily- tasks to the employees. The employees
can view tasks assigned to them and enter appropriate information
regarding the tasks assigned.
Conducted meetings with the project leaders and designers to understand what is required for the inhouse application.
Developed user interfaces using HTML.
Coded the Task Assignment Module and Time Sheet module
Environment: JavaScript, HTML, Servlet, MS SQL Server 6 on Windows NT.
Software Engineer, Soffia Infology Jan2000 – Sep 2001
Application: SSKI is a veteran equities solution company. The biggest share trading company on Dalal
Street. This application is an Internet-based, e-commerce marketplace designed for the investors to buy,
sell and hold securities. The Application also gives the Live Market information to the investors. The
investor can request for the day’s quote of a company listing on any of the 7 authorized major Stock
Exchanges in India. The Application gets the request from the investor and process it through the
methods exposed by the Stock Exchange and gives the present quote.
Job involves creation of new modules, maintenance of existing framework.
Coded Generalized Connection Pool for the application.
Developed Servlets for IPO Analysis, News and Portfolio.
Coded java for chat utility for online assistance using RMI-IIOP.
Created Procedures/Rules/functions on SQL Server 6.5.
Designed HTML pages and Java Scripts for IPO and Portfolio.
Involved in designing HTML pages.
Environment : JDK1.2, Servlets, CORBA, RMI, Visibroker 3.1,HTML, iPlanet Web Server,
SQL Server, Windows NT 4.0.
Programmer ,CG-Vak Software, Sep 1998-Dec 1999
Application: The AUTO MAINTENANCE Software allows to track vehicles repair schedule, notify
when maintenance is needed, track costs and keep important contact data for all repair facilities.
The program constantly estimates the vehicles current odometer based on periodic entries of the actual
reading and manually entered estimate of yearly miles driven for that vehicle. It has a standardized
repair schedule that should be modified in order to match the repair schedule located in the vehicles
owners’ manual
Part of the team in defining the framework to be used by the development team.
Involved in designing the MVC paradigm for the Application.
Developed database Procedures and triggers for MS SQL server 5.5
Environment : Java1.2, XML, UNIX, JDBC, MS SQL Server 5.5
Master of Science in Information Systems
Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii
Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Amrita Institute of Technology, India
August 2004
August 2000