C8 Lesson 2 extra credit

Plant Reproduction
Chapter 8 Lesson 2
Understanding Main Ideas
Answer the following questions in the spaces provided. Use a separate sheet of paper if
you need more room.
1. Describe the two stages of a plant’s life cycle.
2. Describe how angiosperms are classified according to the length of
their life cycle.
3. What happens during fertilization?
4. What are the steps in angiosperm reproduction?
Building Vocabulary
Fill in the blank to complete each statement.
5. A fertilized egg is called a(n) _____________.
6. When pollen lands on the stigma of a flower, _____________ occurs.
7. A(n) _____________ is a ripened ovary.
8. A plant that lives for two years and flowers in the second year is called a(n) _____________.
9. The reproductive structure of a gymnosperm is the _____________.
10. Egg cells develop inside a structure called a(n) _____________.
Plant Reproduction
Chapter 8 Lesson 2
Write the letter of the correct answer on the line at the left.
1. ___ Many angiosperms rely on animals for
A fertilization
B pollination
C photosynthesis
D transpiration
2. ___ Because it lives for many years, a
maple tree is a(n)
A perennial
B annual
C biennial
D biannual
3. ___ The product of the union of sperm
and egg is a(n)
A embryo
B gametophyte
C fruit
D zygote
4. ___ The ovules of a pine tree are
found in its
A fruits
B cones
C ovaries
D seeds
If the statement is true, write true. If the statement is false, change the underlined word
or words to make the statement true.
5. _____________ The gametophyte produces spores.
6. _____________ Most gymnosperms produce both male and female fruit.
7. _____________ After a pollen grain lands on the stigma of a flower, a(n) pollen tube grows down into
the ovule.
8. _____________ The female sex cell is the sperm.
9. _____________ Animals that eat fruits help to pollinate their seeds by depositing them in new areas.
10. _____________ Grafting is an example of asexual reproduction.