Senior Manager

(Reports to: Chief Executive Officer)
To supervise and manage all phases of the company’s operations in a manner designed to control labour and
other operating expenses, and to ensure that the Centre meets targeted projections and goals through effective
utilization of personnel and company policies pertaining to their job positions, including punctual and reliable
attendance. To ensure that the Conference Services and the Property and Maintenance departments contribute
to the financial goals set in the best interest of the company.
As the Senior Manager of Operations you will be required to assume responsibility for the Company’s
management in the absence of the CEO and may be required to attend Board Meetings at the request of
the Chairman.
 Be solely responsible for enforcing all standard operating practices, procedures and policies of the
company to staff supervised and ensuring compliance. When applicable or if necessary, suggest,
or submit to the Chief Executive Officer changes/additions to such policies to correct deficiencies
or to address problem areas that may not be adequately covered by existing policies or
 Plan, organize, direct and control all of the Centre’s operational activities with the assistance of
other management and supervisory personnel as may be required.
 Ensure that all local laws and regulations are observed and respected as they relate to the
company’s and departments’ operations. Adhere to Union Agreements between BCSL and the
Barbados Workers’ Union.
 Be fully responsible for informing, monitoring and disciplining as required your direct reports to
ensure compliance with the company’s policies and procedures.
 As required make effective and objective decisions regarding operational choices in staff work
procedures, procurement and utilization of office supplies, equipment purchases, and other
situations where multiple factors must be considered and weighed to maximize operating results.
 Be responsible for implementing and monitoring systems to ensure that all personnel contribute
to controlling and reducing excessive use of the Centre’s supplies and other resources.
 Be responsible for ensuring that all necessary licenses for operating the business are in place e.g.
Liquor License, COSCAP.
 Be responsible for developing in conjunction with your middle-management team an annual
budget to cover the anticipated operational cost for the company each year and ensure that the
same is submitted to the Finance Manager and Chief Executive Officer in the time frame
 Be responsible for ensuring that there is always an adequate supply of inventory to sustain and
maintain the standard level of operational service delivery, to both internal and external clients at
all times.
 As required attend all training sessions pertaining to your professional development as
determined by the Chief Executive Officer and as well, develop a self-development programme.
 Liaise with both the Finance and Revenue Managers and review the operational cost in relation to
the current prices being charged for room rentals and where required develop and review pricing
structures for the company’s services, to ensure optimal and profitable usage.
 Manage construction, renovation, and maintenance projects including coordinating outside
 Maintain effective budgetary controls of expenditure for both the Conference Services and
Property and Maintenance departments, inclusive of controlling labour and other overhead cost to
ensure that such expenditure is within the company’s approved budget.
 Maintain an on-going repair and maintenance program for the building and operating equipment
 In conjunction with the Chief Security Officer implement and evaluate a facility safety
management plan.
 Develop and maintain efficient energy management strategies.
 Be fully responsible for ensuring that the highest standard in maintenance and housekeeping
procedures are maintained to ensure a clean, safe environment for tenant, internal and external
 Ensure that all employees in both the Conference Services and the Property and Maintenance
departments are fully aufait with and use and maintain all equipment in good working order
including all safeguards and safety devices or mechanisms.
 Ensure that there is an ongoing maintenance programme to ensure that the building and environs
are always well maintained in keeping with the company’s service standards.
 Be ultimately responsible for informing, training and motivating all staff members in the
Conference Services and Property and Maintenance departments and in implementing
disciplinary actions when required, to correct behaviour that involves policy violations, or that
involves actions that have an adverse effect on operational efficiency or may potentially have an
effect on the organization.
 Be responsible for efficient and effective delegation of duties to achieve maximum performance,
including proper follow-up, by completing all performance appraisals for employees under your
supervision within the specified time frame.
 Where necessary and in conjunction with the Human Resources Manager, mediate disputes and
solve problems arising among personnel in both the Conference Services and the Property and
Maintenance departments at all levels. Thus maintaining high standards of employee morale and
promoting an atmosphere of cooperation and fair play.
 Provide reports and updates to the CEO weekly or as otherwise directed.
The duties, elements, responsibilities, and the requirements and conditions listed in this job description
are representative only of the some of the task that the Senior Manager of Operations may be required to
perform. BCSL reserves the right to revise this job description at any time and to require the employee to
perform other tasks as circumstances or conditions of its business or the work environment change.
Desired skills and abilities
Strong leadership skills to effectively manage and motivate the team to achieve high levels of
performance and exceed targets.
Experience in managing budgets and forecasting results.
In-depth knowledge of the conferencing and service sector.
Ability to analyze and interpret technical data and communicate with technical and non-technical
Familiarity with building operations and maintenance.
Ability to work under pressure.
Knowledge of facility management systems.
Experience managing within a unionized environment
Understanding of RFP process.
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Previous experience in the same or similar role.
Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree in one or more of the following disciplines: Hotel, Business or
Hospitality Management. A Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management or International equivalent will
be an asset. The successful candidate should have several years experience in a managerial position,
directing and supervising staff.
The candidate will be required to have knowledge of computer operations, business letter writing and report
preparation techniques. Proficiency in Microsoft XP, Word, Excel and Power Point is required.
The successful candidate must own or have access to an automobile.
Remuneration and Benefits
Salary will be based on experience and qualifications. The company also offers a non contributory
pension plan, as well as group health and life insurance upon successful completion of probationary