Determination of Core Service

Determination of Core Service
Core services are critical for university operations, are available and are provided to all units
requiring them. Core services should be centrally funded through base budget provisions. In order
to determine if the service your department is providing please answer the following questions:
Describe the service:
Describe and give an example of the current funding source (if any):
Core services include routine or ongoing maintenance.
Describe the ongoing maintenance requirement of this service:
Core services require mechanisms to restrict demand – such as a base level of service.
Is there a basic level of Service?
Is this service present in all departments?
Are there ways to restrict or control demand?
Decision making for core services.
Where is the decision making of this level of service determined?
Are there various levels of service requirements for departments?
Who or what unit is the decision maker – who sets the guidelines?
Senior administrator authority responsible for the service?
Please submit completed form to Budget and Capital Planning: [email protected]
Budget and Capital Planning