DNA is not Destiny Article – Questions

DNA is not Destiny Article – Questions
1. What are characteristics that describe agouti mice?
2. Describe the experiment performed by Randy Jirtle and Robert Waterland at
3. What is the “epigenome”?
4. How do epigenetic changes physically block access to genes by altering the
histone code?
5. Describe the epigenetic effects of green tea, as published by Ming Zhu Fang.
6. Describe the experiment that Meaney performed on adult humans investigating
how the mother-child relationship may have an affect on brain development.
7. Does the research supporting epigenetics favor the nature or nurture side of the
debate? Explain.
Definitions to help:
Germ line – your germ cells are the sperm or eggs (gametes).
Hippocampus – region of the brain associated with learning and spatial orientation.
Nature vs. Nurture debate – the argument over which has a greater affect on an
individuals personality and who they become: Nature (your genes) or nurture (how you
were raised/life experiences).