St Nathaniel residence

Wellness Anew Foundation (WAF)
Youth In-Transition Residential Program
St. Nathaniel’s Residence
76 Moffat Ave. Brampton, ON. L6Y 2P3
(Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth ServicesCentral West region)
Layout in-Brief
Age group 14-18 years
Approved Per diem Rate: $206.40
WAF will offer residents support from well trained staff in a ratio of 1 to 3 in
addition to specialized support personnel on scheduled basis
All staff is certified with Crisis Prevention Intervention and First Aid and CPR.
Profession employees with over 20 years experience
Program Director has extensive experience (8 years) working in various
residential settings such as open custody youth homes, supporting adults with
developmental and cognitive disabilities in a residential setting, and homeless
Staff is trained to work with youth with severe challenges.
Staff will do a thorough assessment and background research with each resident
to address past predisposing and precipitating issues.
The plan of operation consists of structured meal times, wake-up/bedtime.
There would be a pre-planned two mandatory meetings a week.
o The first meeting involves all resident sitting in a life-skills class (hour and
half) that includes, but not limited to items below.
 Personal Hygiene
 Appearance and grooming
 Cooking
 Cleaning (home)
 Laundry
 Groceries shopping
 City transit
 Other Chores; Garbage pick-up, mails, newspaper etc! etc!! etc!!!
o The second meeting is an opportunity for all residents to discuss their
concerns in the home and updates on progress with in the home (approx.
hour and half)
An educational component will be available to residents on a weekly basis. Our
educational treatment specialist will work with individuals in a small group
setting to ensure their success at various levels of cognitive capacity and previous
education. Focus will be on Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Computer
Lessons and Day-programs in the community and Medication information group
o Reference to educational institutions will be decided for those residents
who are 17 and 18 years. Institutions for possible Literacy Educational
programs includes, but to limited to:
 Section 23 school program
 Peel Alternative School, North
 Fresh Start
 Everest College, Brampton
 Sheridan College
 Humber College Community Integration Through Co-operative
Education (CICE) program
 Parkholme School –
Required Criteria
 Youths in care ages 14-18 including those experiencing developmental and
physical disability
 Youth who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused
 In-school youth transitioning from secondary education
 Out-of-school youth who have either dropout out of formal education or have had
an unsuccessful transition to work or other post-secondary education.
 Youth labeled with aggressive behavior tendencies
At least 30% of the target group may be youth with a Dual diagnosis. However,
consideration would be given to youths able to work and that are able to transition to the
community and employment successfully.
WAF will integrate recreational component as part of the transition program to
achieve a therapeutic alliance which includes physical fitness such as swimming,
bowling and outdoor activities
WAF will slowly integrate community involvement into the program under a
volunteer initiative set up with, Salvation Army, CNIB, Adopt-a-park, seniors
residence, etc, etc.
This program will be unique because it offers a wide variety of in-home
services/treatment such as a counselor and a social worker to address depression,
low self-esteem, anger management, and problem solving strategies and youth
empowerment. There will be nutritionist to over see the menu, a psychologist to
assess behaviors, and a registered nurse to address medical concerns.
WAF will focus on individual goal of residents based on their strengths and
capabilities and will implement daily pre-planned expectation for each resident.
Residents are encouraged to complete task on their own, however staff are
available to assist residents.
Staff will work with youth on employment preparation program that will include,
job search, preparing for an interview, and physical appearance. WAF will
collaborate with Youth employment services, March of Dimes EPP, etc.
Each resident will be assigned a case coordinator which will be one of the full
time staff
Wellness Anew Foundation has established collaboration and shared partnership to
provide after school programs and support to our residents with the following
services in the region:
 Rapport Youth Services in Brampton
 Art as Therapy Brampton/Mississauga
 Track/fields recreational activities
 New Brunswick Bowling
 Medical/Dental Wellness centre
 Access Charity
Social worker, Registered Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Recreational Therapist,
Psychotherapy/Behavioral therapist, Special Ed. Teacher and Certified Child Youth
Worker and Personal Support Worker (background includes, minorities issues, French
speaking and other specialized skills and experience) and Administrative staff.
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
(416) 315-1915
FAX: (905) 452-7447