Once upon a time in small town - Colfax Health and Rehabilitation

“Once upon a time in small town, in the land of Wisconsin there was a Big Yellow
House. The Big Yellow House had many very special rooms. All the bedrooms were
special private places with their own showers for the people who lived in this Big
Yellow House. The bedrooms had beautiful large windows so that residents could
look out in the meadows and enjoy the sunlight. They had servants who waited on
them hand and foot. Some of the servants laundered their clothing and others
scoured and scrubbed the floors. The house had 5 sculleries, each was well appointed
with state of the art equipment and experienced chefs. The residents of the big
yellow house loved music and games. Once a week a traveling minstrel would come
to amuse and entertain. The residents of the Big Yellow House also loved festivities.
Many of the revelries were held in the large room that was called the Square. Visitors
would come from far and wide just to see the Big Yellow House and join the residents
in the merry making. Many of the people in the Big Yellow House were God fearing
people. Priests and ministers from nearby villages came every week to minister to the
residents of the big yellow house. Everyone was very happy and content to be a
resident of the Big Yellow House”.
Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center is not a fairy tale, it is real. You too can be a resident
of that Big Yellow House. Some of our residents come here because they need to have physical
therapy. Midwest Physical Therapy is in our Big Yellow House. They have all the fancy dancey
equipment, and very qualified people to help residents to get strong and return home. Other
people come here so they can help with everyday living needs. Here in the Land of Colfax it is a
“Dream Come True” for many people when they become part of our family. Stop in and visit.
You will find the coffee is always hot, the cookies are always fresh and you will always feel