Appendix (Chapter 10)

1. What are traffic signs and signals used for?
2. Where is the red light located?
3. What does a red light mean?
4. What does a yellow light mean?
5. What does a green light mean?
6. Flashing yellow means?
7. Flashing red means?
8. What do you do with an unlit signal?
9. When can a pedestrian cross the intersection?
10. What 3 categories are signs divided into?
11. White, rectangular signs are?
12. Blue, square and rectangular signs are?
13. Brown, rectangular signs are?
14. Green, rectangular signs are?
15. Orange diamond signs are?
16. Red, octagon sign is?
17. Red triangular sign is?
18. Yellow, Pennant sign is?
19. Yellow, pentagon sign is?
20. Yellow, Round sign is?
21. Yellow, diamond sign is?
22. What color and shape are warning signs?
23. What are they used for specifically?
24. What do orange-diamond shaped sign mean
25. What do guidance signs do?
26. What do motorist service signs look like?
27. What do regulatory signs look like?
28. Do not enter sign looks like?
29. What color is the sign that allows trucks?
30. What color is the sign that doesn’t allow trucks?
31. What do the following mean
 Yellow center line
 White lines
 Dashed lines
 Solid lines
 Road arrows
 White dashed lines
 Yellow solid lines
 Yellow dashed and solid lines
 Edge lines
 White crosswalks
 White stop lines
 White special markings
 White diamonds
32. Special warning signs are what?
33. Rumble strips are used for what?
34. Speed humps/speed bumps are used for what?
35. What is a roundabout?
36. Study the signs on page 174-176 need to know them all