Cell Notes


Cell Growth & Division

Guided Notes

1. What are the two reasons that cells divide?

 The cell has more ______________________ trying to move nutrients and wastes across the


 The ________________________ a cell becomes, the more demands it puts on its __________________.

2. What is the cell cycle?

 The sequence of ____________________________________ of a cell.

3. The two periods of the cell cycle are…

 growth phase

 division phase

4. What is the term used for the growth phase?

5. Most of the cell’s life is spent in ________________________, which means it is the ________________________ phase of the cell cycle.

6. Define the following and mark them on the diagram of cell:

A. Centrioles – help to

____________________ cell division

B. Chromatin –___________ bound protein within the


7. During what three phases are new DNA molecules formed?

G1 – 1st period of growth

1. Increase in size.

2. Makes new proteins and organelles.

S – DNA is synthesized or replicated

1. Chromosomes are replicated.

2. New DNA molecules are made.

G2 – final cell growth

1. Shortest phase

2. Prepares cell for mitosis

8. Of the three which is the 1 st period of growth?

9. What happens during the S phase?

1. Chromosomes are replicated.

2. New DNA molecules are made.

10. True or False: The cell prepares for mitosis during the G



11. Draw and identify the phases of the cell cycle below.

12. Define chromosome. Draw and label its parts.

Chromosome – contains _____________

__________________________ (DNA) passed from _______ generation to the next

A – Centromere: center of chromosome

B – Chromatids: two identical “sister” parts of the chromosome

13. The division phase of the cell cycle is called:

14. What is the acronym for the phases of mitosis?

15. Sequence the four phases of mitosis in order:

______ metaphase

______ telophase

______ anaphase

______ prophase

16. Where in the cell does mitosis take place?

______________________ of the cell


Match the following:

(write the first letter of each word in the blank)

_______ nucleus disappears; centrioles migrate P = Prophase

to poles; spindles are formes A = Anaphase

_______ chromosomes meet in middle T = Telophase

_______ chromatids are pulled apart and away M = Metaphase

from each other

_______ new nucleus starts to form; cytoplasm

begin to divide

18. Draw what happens during each phase within the cell.


What is cytokinesis?

Cytoplasm ________________________________________________


What is cancer?

Cancer is a disorder where the cell has:


Cancer cells do ____________ respond to regulators.


This causes the cells to form masses called ________________, which can damage surrounding _____________________.