language arts

September 2015-2016
Listening and speaking:
The students will:
 Use affirmative sentences to describe present tense events.
 Answer wh-questions (who, what, where, when & how).
 Learn relation words (and / to /a/ the).
Reading Skills
The students will:
 Identify and apply vowels to specific words.
 Listen, comprehend, and answer questions about different stories.
 Learn left-right pattern to read.
Writing Skills
The students will:
 Identify, match and write vowels and their vocabulary words.
 Trace their first name.
The students will:
 Practice series in ascendant and descendant order.
 Count and match numbers from 1-20.
 Make one-digit additions using objects (
 Match and copy geometric shapes (circle, triangle, square & rectangle).
 Identify groups and understand what equivalent groups mean.
 Count by 2’s
The students will:
 Comprehend kinds of weather seasons and relate to their appropriate
 Identify the characteristics of weather conditions (snow, rain, wind, storms,
sunny, warm, hail, hurricanes, and tornadoes)
The students will:
 Learn about Mexican festivities (Niños Heroes (13), Mexican Independence
(16), Monterrey Foundation (20) and International Day for the Peace (21).
Escucha y Expresión Oral
Los estudiantes:
 Usarán oraciones afirmativas y negativas para describir eventos en tiempo
 Responderán preguntas de quién, qué, dónde, cuándo y cómo.
 Aprenderán pronombres posesivos (mi-mío)
 Aprenderán conjunciones (y) y preposiciones (para).
Habilidades de Lectura
Los estudiantes:
 Identificarán y aplicarán las vocales en palabras específicas.
 Escucharán, comprenderán y contestarán preguntas sobre diferentes historias.
 Practicarán el patrón de lectura de izquierda a derecha.
Habilidades de Escritura
Los estudiantes:
 Identificarán, relacionarán y escribirán las vocales y consonantes Mm, Pp, Ss y
Nn su vocabulario.
 Trazarán su nombre.
The students will:
 Learn about: Mouse as an input device, open and close programs.
 Work with:
 Kid Pix: Stamps (Parts 1 & 2)
 Shape Challenge
The students will:
 Comprehend meaning from works of art, including own according to the
elements of art.
 Derive meaning from works of art, including own, according to the principles of
design, and aesthetic qualities.
 Communicate and express through original works of art.
 Learn about Gaston Chaissac’s art.
The students will:
 Derive meaning from works of music and the performance of musicians
according to the elements of music.
 Comprehend music and the performance of musicians according to aesthetic
qualities and human responses.
The students will:
 Understand and respond to a wide range of opposites.
 Perform simple movements in response to oral instructions.
 Perform basic locomotion skills.
 Name and perform folk/traditional dances from Mexico and two other countries.
 Build the range and capacity to move in a variety of ways.
 Respond to a variety of stimuli with original movement.
The students will:
 Learn about health and security practices for themselves and others.
 Learn about how to take care of themselves to keep their well-being.