Chapter 4: Growth and Crisis in Colonial Society 1720-1765
Part 1 - New England’s Freehold Society
Freehold society
Puritan women
Farm inheritance patterns
Arranged marriages
Household mode of production
Part 2 - Diversity in the Middle Colonies
Tenants (NY)
Quakers, Germans, and Scots-Irish in PA
“peaceable kingdom”
Part 3 - Commerce, Culture, and Identity
Benjamin Franklin
Poor Richard’s Almanack
Great Awakening
Jonathan Edwards
John Locke and natural rights
George Whitefield
“New Lights” vs. “Old Lights”
New Light colleges
Baptists vs. Anglicans
Part 4 - The Midcentury Challenge: War, Trade, and Social Conflict, 1750-1763
Albany Plan of Union 1754
French and Indian War (Great War for Empire)
Acadians (Cajuns)
Pontiac’s Rebellion
Proclamation of 1763
Postwar economy, consumer revolution and debt
Paxton Boys

Chapter 4 Terms