Who coined the term cell

Who coined the term cell? Robert Hooke
The cell is the smallest unit of life. There are a million different types of cells
Some organisms are unicellular, consisting of a single cell, while others are
multicellular. Multicellular organisms are made up of many cells.
To be considered living an organism must adhere to the cell theory. The cell theory,
developed by Matthias Jakob Schleiden , Theodor Schwann, and Rudolf Virchow states
 all organisms/life forms are composed of one or more cells
 all cells come from preexisting cells
"Omnis cellula e cellula" (where a cell arises, there a cell must previously have existed).
(Virchow 1858)
the cell is the smallest form of life.
Cells are classified by fundamental units of structure and by the way they obtain energy.
Cells can be classified into prokaryotes or eukaryotes.
Consist of DNA surrounded by a membrane and cell wall
include the kingdoms of Monera (simple bacteria) and Archaea
may have photosynthetic pigments
Some have external whip-like flagella for locomotion or hair like pili for adhesion
Prokaryotic cells come in multiple shapes: cocci (round), baccilli (rods), and spirilla or
spirochetes (helical cells)
The cell wall is the target for antibiotics