Living things use:
Any individual form of life that capable of ____________ and reproducing
__________is an organism.
All living things have _____ characteristics of life
Those six characteristics are:
There are ____ necessities for every organism.
Those necessities are:
All living things are made up of _______
Cells are the _________ unit of life.
Cells are either _____________ or __________________.
Unicellular is __________ cell
Multicellular is more than ________ cell.
Give an example for each:
Cells must be seen with a ______________.
In 1660 _______________ looked at __________ under a microscope
In 1670 _________________________ was the first person to describe
The ____________ theory began because people started questioning where
cells came from.
The cell theory is a basic concept that states the following three things:
A French Scientist by the name of ____________________ discovered
_________________ to be the cause of spoiled food and ____________.
The cell ______________ is a boundary around the cell
Cytoplasm is a ________________ material inside the cell ______________
Cells are divided into two categories __________________ and
Euaryotic cell holds_____________________________________________
Prokaryotic cell does not have a _______________ so its genetic material is
in the _______________
Three facts about Eukaryotic Cells are:
Most of the organisms alive on Earth today are __________________.
Examples of single-celled organisms are found the domains of
____________, ________________ and ______________________
Three facts about Archaea and Bacteria are:
Three facts about Eukarya are:
Most ______________ organisms are made of different types of _________
That do different jobs. They are specialized.
An example of specialized is________________
Cell in more _______________ organisms are grouped together in
A tissue is _________________________________ cells that are organized
to do a _________________ job.
An example is _____________________________________.
Different tissues working __________________ to perform a particular
represents an ________________.
An example of an organ is__________________________________.
_____________ and ______________ working together forms an
_______________ system.
An example would be the _______________________ system.
Scientists use cell _______________ to provide insight into _________
Models show_______________________________________________
The real cell often looks very different/similar from the models of cells that
are created.