Multilayer Waveguides

Multilayer Waveguide Project
Develop numerical code to analyze multi-layer slab waveguides. Here is a journal
reference to help you develop the code:
J. Chilwell, and I. Hodgkinson, "Thin-films filed-transfer matrix theory of planar
multilayer waveguides and reflection from prism-loaded waveguides," J. Opt. Soc. Am.
A, vol. 1, pp. 742-753, Jul. 1984.
Figure 1
Analyze a slab ARROW waveguide (see Figure 1) made with silicon dioxide and silicon
nitride dielectric layers and a water core (n=1.3). Don’t worry about how the infinite slab
is magically suspended. Use a wavelength of λ=780nm. Determine the layer thickness
from []. Look up the refractive indices of the layers at
(1) Calculate the following:
a. The number of supported modes
b. The effective indices of the supported modes
c. The propagation loss of the supported modes in units of dB/m
d. The mode field profiles of the supported modes
Be sure to explain what is meant by a supported mode and how you calculate the loss.