The Outsiders Vocabulary III

The Outsiders Vocabulary III
elude (v.) [i-lood]
1. By carefully covering his path, the criminal managed to elude the detectives.
2. His name eludes me at the moment, but he’s the best English teacher ever.
3. I was trying to find the meaning the poet had in mind, but the theme was elusive
until I asked for help. [adj.]
stagger (v.) [stag-er]
1. After we heard the shot, we saw the deer stagger.
2. Trying to carry the heavy chair, Arnold staggered toward the truck.
3. I staggered, almost falling, coughing and sobbing for breath.
recur (v.) [ri-kur]
1. After I talked to the psychologist, the dream did not recur as frequently.
2. Recurring memories from the war plagued him for the rest of his life. [adj.]
3. Mr. Love’s grandmother went back to the hospital because her heart problems
indignant (adj.) [in-dig-nuh nt]
1. “I know more than you think,” she said indignantly.
2. The child became indignant when the teacher wrongly accused her of stealing the
3. The woman responded to the false charges with indignation. [noun]