Speech 04: Video Games Persuasive Speech
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Sean Galloway
Submitted to Professor Carolyn Clark
COMM 1020-018
Speech 4: Persuasive Speech
Persuasive Speech: Audience Assessment
Specific Goal:
My audience will believe that video games do have some positive value.
Identify the reaction you would like your audience to experience. Use a verb that describes how your audience will feel, what
they will believe, or what they will do after listening to your speech.
Type of Claim: This is a claim of fact shown by the studies done by members of the APA.
Primary Ethos:
a) Competence: I have played many video games and have two sons who love to play games and I have witnessed
the results of the gaming they have done.
b) Fairness: There are many reports that have evidence showing the possible negative impact of video games.
Secondary Ethos: How many authoritative references will you cite out loud in your speech? 4
Audience Assessment: Most of my audience members will probably have an attitude toward my proposition that is either favorable
or highly unfavorable. This topic seems to be divisive.
Adaptation to Audience Attitude:
a. Common ground: Most of us have played video games at one time or another, some more than others. Some people are
better than others at action games and yet others may excel at puzzle games.
b. Latitude of acceptance: I am not saying that we should allow our children to play whatever games they want but I also do
not believe that video games are bad. Just like with everything else, moderation and caution is an important factor in the
playing of video games. Besides moderation, we should choose carefully what games we allow our children to play.
[Explain why your proposition lies within the audience’s latitude of acceptance (that is, based on your assessment of their
attitude, why do you think they will accept your proposition?]
Baby Steps: There are games that contain very graphic violence, have strong sexual content, or both. According to Patricia Vance, a
member of the ESRB, “nearly 60 percent of the almost 1,700 ratings we assigned last year were E for Everyone, which means
there’s a huge selection of games available that are appropriate for all ages.”
Pattern of Organization: I will use the comparative advantage pattern. If that doesn’t work use the refutation organizational
pattern. Identify the persuasive organizational pattern you used (see the Chapter titled “Persuasive Speaking.”). Choose one:
problem-solution; comparative advantages; motivational sequence; refutation; topical.
Choose a pattern that’s appropriate for the audience attitude you anticipate.
Persuasive Speech: Key-Word Outline
(Print this outline in super-large font with lots of empty space. Use it as your speaking notes when you deliver your speech.)
Video Games: Jekyll and Hyde (Smeagol and Gollum)
Hook: Video games have become more realistic every day, now containing violence, graphic language, and strong sexual content.
These video games are marketed to our youth and their use results in violent actions and reactions.
Proposition: I don’t believe that crime, violence, and sex can be the fault of video games alone. I will show you that even though
there are some negatives to playing video games that there are also many positives.
1. Games have been shown to attribute to violent behavior.
2. They have also been proven to have positive benefits.
3. There are plenty of options, choose wisely.
Transition: My 14 year old wanted to use some of his money to purchase a game. We discussed the game and the contents. We
then had a talk about the influence that games can have.
We first spoke about how video games can cause the user to display violent actions. (Garbage in Garbage Out)
Waste of time
More TV Time
Read a Book
Play outside
Play a board game
(Iowa State University psychologist Douglas Gentile, PhD, and William Stone, BS stated, “Those playing
violent games were more hostile, less forgiving and believed violence to be normal.”
i. Different Levels of Violence
According to the APA, “Playing violent video games like Doom, Wolfenstein 3D or Mortal Kombat can increase a
person's aggressive thoughts, feelings and behavior.”
a. Mario Bros
b. Street Fighter
c. Modern Warfare
ii. Greater exposure = Greater Violence
a. 1 Hour per day
b. 3 Hours per day
c. 5 Hours per day
Another Negative
Lower Grades
Craig A. Anderson, Ph.D., said “that amount of time spent playing video games in the past was
associated with lower academic grades in college."
Transition: (SHOW SLIDE #9) According to Patricia Vance, a member of the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), “ nearly 60
percent of the almost 1,700 ratings we assigned last year were E for Everyone, which means there’s a huge selection of games
available that are appropriate for all ages.”
Benefits of Video Games
Dr. Ezriel Kornel explains on, playing certain video games can also improve hand-eye coordination,
enhance split-second decision making and even, potentially, boost auditory perception.
Hand Eye Coordination
i. Laparoscopic Surgeons 27% faster
ii. First attempt at new tasks significantly faster
Every Action Has a Reaction
i. Consequences
ii. Our actions affect others.
Physical Improvements
i. New synapses form between neurons
ii. Improved auditory perception
There are Options
Non-Violent Video Games
Sports Games
Be Selective
Social Games
ii. Play games in groups
iii. Play games involving skill
iv. Play puzzle games
v. Players less likely to fight
There are plenty of violent games to be played if you so choose but, for those of us who want something else for us or for our
children, last year alone there were 1020 games rated E that were released. There are many positive benefits that can come from
playing video games if you are selective.
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