E. Q. What regions are found in Africa and how do they impact life on the
GPS: SS7G3 a. Explain how characteristics of the Sahara, Sahel, and
Tropical Rain Forest affect where people live, the type of work they do, and
I. Africa
A.2nd largest continent
1.54 countries
2 1000 different languages
3. 797 million people
B. Reliance on land’s physical features
II. Sahara
A. World’s largest desert
1. Historic trade route for Nomadic traders to transport goods
between European and African nations
2. Atlas Mts.- northern border and trade barrier
B. Cairo, Egypt- most populous area of the Sahara region
1. Nile River-world’s longest river
a. Provides a source of irrigation for agriculture
b. waterway for transporting people and goods
2. Suez-allows transportation through the Sinai Peninsula
3. Important trade center-Sinai Peninsula allows transportation
to Asia
III. Sahel
A. Strip of semi-arid land south of the Sahara
B. Some areas rich in natural resources: gold, uranium, and oil
C. Devastated by bad weather-drought
D. Depend on farming-Nile River important source of water in eastern
part of region
IV. Savannah
A. Tropical grasslands with scattered trees
B. Home to variety of wildlife
C. Serengeti-migration area for 1.5 million animals like buffalo,
gazelles, and zebras
V. Tropical Rainforest
A. 60 inches of rainfall a year
B.Deforestation and destructive farming practices have shrunk the rainforest
C. Located in Western Africa, dense evergreen forest
VI. Southern Africa
A. Southern tip of the continent
B. Major producer of gold, coal, diamonds, and platinum
C. Many South Africans live in poverty
D. Kalahari Desert- covers 360,000 square miles