TITLE: Purchase and Install Flooring Materials

Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
NO. 06-CB-0012
Issued By:
Purchasing Department
Sharyn M. Guthridge, CPPB/CPPO
Business Services Administrator
Phone: (307) 771-2128
FAX: (307) 771-2154
E: [email protected]
This service bid has been developed specifically for Floor Covering Installation
Services. Therefore, all bidders are urged to review this package in detail before
submitting their bid.
Sealed written Replies to this bid must be received by Purchasing no later than the
date, time and location indicated. Submittal by fax is not acceptable.
Bid Number 06-CB-0012
Carpet Installation and Flooring Materials
Due: March 16, 2006 – 11:00 AM (MST)
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
To enhance your odds for positive delivery and proper handling of your reply, we ask that you duplicate the following label and
affix it to the outside of your submittal envelope.
LCSD#1 Purchasing Department
2810 House Avenue, Room 118
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Bid Number 06-CB-0012
Due: March 16, 2006 – 11:00 AM (MST)
It is YOUR complete responsibility to meet the submittal requirements. We recommend you verify the label data with the title
page; the latter prevails.
Bid Number 06-CB-0012
Carpet Installation and Flooring Materials
Due: March 16, 2006 – 11:00 AM (MST)
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
Page 4
Special Provisions
Page 8
Minimum Requirements
Page 11
Bid Forms
Page 15
(All carpeting will be Collins and Aikman)
Bid Number 06-CB-0012
Carpet Installation and Flooring Materials
Due: March 16, 2006 – 11:00 AM (MST)
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
LCSD#1/The District - These terms refer to Laramie County School District Number One, a duly organized public
You/Your/Vendor/Bidder/Contractor - These terms refer to all recipients of this Invitation.
Bid/Proposal - Refers to the entire process and includes the invitation, special provisions, specifications or
Invitation - Includes this document and any related attachments or amendments.
Questions regarding this Invitation should be directed in writing, preferably by fax, to the Buyer specified on the
title page, as soon as possible after you receive the invitation. If applicable, answers citing the question(s) asked
but not identifying the questioner, will be distributed simultaneously to all known prospective bidders. Note:
Written requirements in the Invitation or its amendments are binding, but any oral communications between you
and us are not.
We expect you to be thoroughly familiar with all specifications and requirements of this Invitation. Your failure or
omission to examine any relevant form, article, site or document will not relieve you from any obligation regarding
this Invitation. If at any time we discover deviations in your reply that are not identified, you will be subject to
disqualification from consideration or cancellation of contract.
Bids received after the time and date specified, whether delivered or mailed, will not be considered and will be
returned unopened.
No bids will be considered which are not submitted on the attached bid form signed by a proper official of the
company and submitted in a sealed envelope marked Bid Number 06-CB-0012, March 16, 2006 – 11:00 AM
Failure to respond (submission of bid or notice in writing that you do not wish to bid on that particular transaction
but would like to remain on the applicable active bidder’s list) to this Invitation to Bid will be understood by the
District to indicate a lack of interest and may result in the removal of the bidder’s name from the applicable active
bidder’s mailing list for the items concerned.
The District reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive any informalities, irregularities or technical defects
in bids, and unless otherwise specified by the District to accept any item or groups of items in the bid, as may be in
the best interest of the District.
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
If erasures or other changes appear on the bid forms, each erasure or change must be initialed by the person
signing the bid.
The bid number shall appear on any technical data or other information furnished by your firm with this bid.
Receipt of amendments/addendum by bidders must be acknowledged prior to the bid opening.
Amendment/addendum received prior to bid submittal should be acknowledged in the appropriate space on the
bid document. Amendment/addendum received after bid submittal should be acknowledged by letter or facsimile.
Any documents intended to supplement or deviate from the express requirements of this bid solicitation may result
in a rejection of that bid. Manufacturer quotation forms duplicating the items listed on the enclosed bid can be
confusing and are not requested.
A bid that is in the possession of the Business Services Administrator may be altered by letter or fax transmission
bearing the signature or name of the person authorized for bidding, provided it is received prior to the time and
date of opening. A facsimile should not reveal the bid price but should indicate the addition, subtraction, or other
change in the bid.
A bid that is in the possession of the Business Services Administrator may be withdrawn by the bidder in person or
by written request up to the time of the bid opening. Bids may not be withdrawn after the bid opening.
Public schools are exempt from manufacturer’s federal excise tax and states sales tax. Tax exemption
certificates will be issued upon request.
Direct purchases of materials by the State of Wyoming or its political sub-divisions (including Laramie County School
District Number One) are exempt from Wyoming Sales and Use Tax. Contractor's purchasing and consuming materials,
equipment and supplies for their performance of alteration, improvement or repair of real property are subject to the
Wyoming Sales and Use Tax. Purchases by contractor's of equipment, materials and supplies consumed in contracts
with the State of Wyoming, its departments and institutions and the political sub-divisions thereof (including Laramie
County School District Number One) are subject to Wyoming Sales and Use Tax. Comply with Sales and Use Tax Laws
per Wyoming Statutes 39-6-401 through 39-6-417; W.S. 39-6-501 through 39-6-518 and W.S. 39-6-601 through 39-6604.
Obtain a Sales and Use Tax License from the Department of Revenue and Taxation, State of Wyoming, for the
County in which the materials, goods, fixtures and furnishings and all other tangible personal property required by
this project are consumed.
Report the use, installation or transfer of such property into the project as a sale by licensed vendor and pay any
and all taxes due, unless this tax was already included in the purchase price paid to the supplier.
The proposer shall require each sub-contractor to comply with the same statutes and provisions and shall so
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
stipulate in any agreement or contract with them.
For additional information contact the Department of Revenue and Taxation, Contracts Sections, Herschler Building,
Cheyenne, WY 82002.
Time in connection with prompt payment discounts offered will be computed from the date of delivery or from the
date your bill is received on a Laramie County School District Number One voucher with itemized invoice,
whichever is later.
Percentage discounts for payment of invoices in 20 days or more will be considered in the evaluation of bids.
Shorter discount periods will not be considered in the evaluation of bids.
When applicable a percentage preference of five percent (5%) will be allowed. The preferential, when applied, will
be accomplished by adding the five percent (5%) to the total bid price of the non-resident bidder. Discounts
offered will be taken into consideration and deduction of the discount amount will be made before application of
the preferential (W.S. 16-6-105), as amended.
Expenditures or contracts involving federal funds are subject to Federal Rules and Regulations. Under these
conditions, a percentage differential will not be allowed.
Successful bidders shall be excused from performance hereunder during the time and to the extent that bidder is
prevented from obtaining, delivering, or performing in the customary manner by acts of God, fire, war, loss or
shortage of transportation facilities, lockout or commandeering of raw materials, products, plants, or facilities by
the government. Bidder shall provide the District substantiating evidence that non-performance is due to other
than fault or negligence on his part.
Vendor warrants it has no interest, and shall acquire no interest that would directly or indirectly conflict in any
manner or degree with the performance of this proposal. For violation or breach of this warranty, LCSD#1 shall
have the right to annul this contract without liability or, at its discretion, to deduct price for consideration or
otherwise recover the full amount of such commission, percentage, brokerage or contingent fee.
Each signatory avers that to his/her knowledge, no Laramie County School District Number One employee has
any personal or beneficial interest whatsoever in the service or property described herein.
The successful vendor shall keep fully informed on all federal and state laws, all local bylaws, regulations and all
orders and decrees of bodies or tribunals having any jurisdiction or authority which in any manner affect those
engaged or employed on the work or which in any way affect the ordinances, regulations, orders and decrees in
force at the time of award. The successful vendor shall protect and indemnify the District and its representatives
against any claim or liability arising from or based on the violation of any such law, bylaw, ordinance, regulation,
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
order or decree whether by himself or by his employee(s). No extension of time or additional payment will be
made for loss of time or disruption of work caused by any actions against the successful vendor for any of the
above reasons.
The parties expressly agree and understand that the provider is not an employee or agent of the District in any sense,
but is a sole independent contractor.
The District hereby notifies all Bidders it will affirmatively insure that, in any contract entered into pursuant to this
advertisement, minority business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit Bids in response to this
Invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, sex, national origin, or ancestry in
consideration of an award. Bidder hereby agrees that should he/she be awarded this contract, Bidder will not
discriminate against any person who performs work there under because of race, religion, color, sex, national
origin, or ancestry.
By submitting their Bid, Bidders certify they do not and will not during the performance of this contract employ
illegal alien workers or otherwise violate the provisions of the Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.
The use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol is prohibited in all District buildings, vehicles, and on the grounds of all
District facilities.
If you are a new vendor, you must complete a Vendor’s Bid Application. This application is available at
www.laramie1.k12.wy.us/support/purchasing/vendorapplicationbid.htm. Bids received without this application may
not be considered.
The undersigned agrees to furnish the services stipulated in the attached invitation, at the prices and terms stated,
subject to the general conditions outlined and the specific conditions identified.
A signed contract furnished to the successful bidder results in a binding contract without further action by either
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
The failure of the successful bidder to comply with the terms and conditions of this bid will subject this contract to
Sharyn M. Guthridge, CPPO
Sharyn M. Guthridge, CPPB/CPPO
Business Services Administration
This electronic signature is intended as an equal to an original signature.
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
It is the intent of this bid to establish pricing for installation of floor coverings on an annual contract basis. All
flooring materials to be supplied by Owner.
The contract period shall commence April 4, 2006 and end April 3, 2006.
The District reserves the option to temporarily extend this contract for a period not to exceed an additional 90 days
from its expiration date for any reason.
Questions concerning the bid process relative to this bid package should be directed to:
Sharyn Guthridge, Business Services Administrator, 307-771-2128, email: [email protected]
During the term of this contract, items required during installation that may not have been included on the
initial bid may be included by mutual agreement of the successful bidder and the District in order to complete a
project. These items may include any installation requirements not known until the time of inspection and/or
Prices quoted are to be firm the one-year contract period. No escalation is provided and price adjustments will not
be allowed.
It is the intent to award as follows:
1. A primary and secondary award for all Collins and Aikman carpeting projects. Any installation that the primary
contractor cannot complete in the time frame allowed by the District, will be scheduled with the secondary
awardee. The primary will have first right of refusal.
2. One award for VCT, Sheet Vinyl, Walk-Off carpet installation
If one vendor can do both of these installations, that vendor may receive both awards.
Although awards may be made for the installation of flooring materials, Laramie County School District Number
One will not be obligated to make any purchases.
The obligations of LCSD#1 pursuant to this agreement in any fiscal year for which this agreement is in effect will
constitute a current expense of LCSD#1 for that fiscal year only, and will not constitute an indebtedness of
LCSD#1 beyond that fiscal year. Client’s obligations under this agreement are also subject to the limitation on the
authority of the present board of trustees to bind any future Board of Trustees of Laramie County School District
No. One.
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
A Performance Bond covering the faithful performance of the contract and a Labor and Material Payment Bond
(required if each individual project exceeds $7,499.00) covering the payment of all obligation arising under this
project, each equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the contract sum shall be furnished by the bidder prior to
issuance of the Contract. Bonds shall be AIA Document A312 (1984 Edition) or on a document that conforms
with AIA A312 and so states in the printed body of the form. The cost of all bonds shall be included in each bid.
AIA forms and documents noted herein have not been included in this request for proposal in accordance with
copyright laws.
The successful bidder must keep in force, at his/her own expense, Commercial General Liability, Employer’s
Liability and Business Auto Liability Insurance (including owned, non-owned and hired vehicles) and Worker’s
Compensation, in the amount not less than listed below, unless approved by the District.
Required limits:
Business Auto Liability including owned non owned and hired vehicles
Combined single Limit
Split Limits
$ 500,000/1,000,000/500,000
Commercial General Liability
General Aggregate
Products & Completed Operations
Fire Damage
Medical Payments (Any One Person)
Employers Liability
Personal & Advertising Injury
Workers' Compensation
State of Wyoming
Statutory Limits
Unemployment Insurance
State of Wyoming
Statutory Limits
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
The successful bidder must provide current copies of all insurance required, naming Laramie County School
District No. One additional insured, within ten (10) working days of notification of award. Failure to provide copies
of the required insurance within the given time may be cause for revocation of the Contract.
The successful bidder shall file a certificate of insurance with the District stating the insurance company will mail
30 days written notice to certificate holder should any of the policies be canceled before the expiration date.
The successful contractor shall furnish any renewal certificates for insurance that may expire during the term of
the current contract.
The bidder shall indemnify and save harmless the District, its officers and employees from all suits, actions, or
claims of any character brought because of injuries or damage received or sustained by any person, persons, or
property; on account of the operations of the said bidder; or on account of or in consequence of any neglect in
safeguarding the work.
LCSD#1 specifically reserves any claim it may have to sovereign immunity as a defense in any action arising in
conjunction with this agreement.
In the event the provider is unable to continue to provide installation service to the District, the provider shall not
substitute provider or sub-contract this agreement to another provider without prior written notification and the
consent of the Business Services Administrator.
Failure on the part of the provider to inform the District of such action shall be cause for revocation of the contract.
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
It is the intent of the District to supply all materials for each installation. Any materials not supplied by the District
to the Contractor will be supplied by the Contractor and will be subject to Wyoming Sales and Use Tax.
The work to be performed by Contractor is all work required to provide a complete and fully acceptable floor.
Contractor will provide all labor and permits on an as-needed basis. For purposes of any subsequent contract,
each work assignment is deemed a Request for Service.
All work must be pre-authorized by the designated Owner’s Representative. No work shall be binding on Owner
and Contractor shall not be entitled to any compensation for work performed unless it was first authorized by the
designated Owner’s Representative.
All work will be coordinated with the Owner’s Representative.
Owner’s Representative shall prepare and furnish to Contractor a schedule showing planned work to be done and
a proposed schedule for installation. Any unplanned work will be coordinated with the successful contractor on an
as-needed basis. Attached to this RFP are the plans for all work to be accomplished during the summer of 2006.
“Hazardous Substance” means any substance or material which has been determined or is in the future
determined by any state, federal or local governmental authority to be capable of posing a risk of injury to health,
safety, property or the environment. Contractor shall not permit any Hazardous Substances to be brought onto or
stored at or used in the work, except for commonly used materials, provided that all such material shall be handled
in full compliance with all applicable current or future governmental rules and regulations and all applicable notice
requirements. Contractor shall not, nor allow any other person to, release or dispose of Hazardous Substances at
the site or into the soil, drains, surface or ground water or air. Contractor shall indemnify, defend, protect and hold
Owner harmless from all costs, claims, liability, damages, penalties and assessments arising from or in any way
connected to any Hazardous Substance at the site or in the soil, surface or ground water, or air as a result of
action or inaction of Contractor and whether or not caused accidentally, negligently or intentionally.
In performing its obligations, Contractor shall be deemed an independent contractor and not an agent or employee
of Owner. Contractor shall have exclusive authority to manage, direct and control the Work, subject to the
provisions contained in this document.
Contractor shall promptly correct, replace and re-execute all Work rejected by Owner as defective or as failing to
conform to contract documents whether observed before or after Final acceptance and whether or not fabricated,
installed or completed. Contractor shall bear all costs of correcting such damaged or defective Work.
If a dispute should arise regarding the obligations of Contractor or Owner, the parties will attempt to resolve the
dispute in accordance with the following procedure. However, unless Owner requires otherwise, and regardless of
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
the size or nature of the dispute, Contractor shall not cease or delay performance of its obligations under this
contractor during the existence of the dispute.
The Contractor or Owner may call a special meeting for the resolution of disputes. The meeting shall be held
within three (3) working days of written request for the meeting, which shall specify the nature of the dispute to be
resolved. The meeting shall be attended by representatives of the Owner and Contractor, which representatives
shall have the authority to resolve the dispute and shall not be attorney(s) actively practicing law.
If the dispute has not been resolved within five (5) working days after the special meeting has occurred, any party
to the special meeting may, at its option, initiate a medication proceeding which shall be attended by all parties to
the dispute and which, unless all parties to such proposed mediation proceeding agree otherwise, shall be
conducted by an independent mediator. The cost of the mediator shall be shared on a pro rata basis by all parties
to such mediation.
All Collins and Aikman carpeting and flooring accessories will be purchased by the District and supplied to the
successful installer. All carpeting and installation supplies will be located in the District warehouse, 316 S.
Lexington Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82007. The carpet and supplies will be stored by project and ready for pick-up
by the successful installer. Warehouse hours are 7 AM to 4 PM (MST) daily except weekends and holidays. The
warehouse manager, Gene Scearce, can be reached at (307) 771-2618.
Successful contractor will be required to provide the following services:
Pre-installation consultation and budget assistance
The entire responsibility for proper dimensions for orders will rest with the Contractor
The entire responsibility for order requirements of materials will rest with the Contractor
Yardage take-offs and measuring
Pick up of carpeting and accessories from District Warehouse and delivery to job site
Post-installation audits (punch list)
Maintenance personnel training as needed
For carpeting projects, contractor must be a certified Collins and Aikman installer. Proof of certification must be
provided with bid. Contractor will install carpet and associated flooring materials. Overtime charges will not be
allowed. Total cost of installation will be a per yard price.
Contractor must perform customary floor preparation, removal of existing adhesives and final cleaning prior to
installation of carpet and post-installation cleanup. Contractor will be responsible for tear up and disposal of
existing flooring materials.
Maintain minimum temperature of 65 degrees F (18 degrees C) in spaces to receive resilient flooring for at least
48 hours prior to installation, during installation, and for not less than 48 hours after installation.
Store resilient flooring materials in spaces where they will be installed for at least 48 hours before beginning
installation. Subsequently, maintain minimum temperature of 55 degrees F (13 degrees C) in areas where work is
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
Installer shall inspect sub floor surfaces to determine that they are satisfactory. A satisfactory sub floor surface is
defined as one that is smooth and free from cracks, holes, ridges, coatings preventing adhesive bond, and other
defects impairing performance or appearance.
Perform bond and moisture tests on concrete sub floors to determine if surfaces are sufficiently dry.
Do not proceed with resilient flooring work until sub floor surfaces are satisfactory.
Prepare sub floor surfaces as follows:
Use leveling and patching compounds as recommended by resilient flooring manufacturer for
filling small cracks, holes and depressions in sub floors.
Remove coatings from sub floor surfaces that would prevent adhesive bond, including curing
compounds incompatible with resilient flooring adhesives, paint, oils, waxes and sealers.
Under no circumstance shall the Contractor sand, chisel or disturb in any way the existing filler and leveling
Broom clean or vacuum surfaces to be covered, and inspect sub floor.
Apply concrete slab primer, if recommended by flooring manufacturer, prior to application of adhesive. Apply in
compliance with manufacturer’s directions.
Install flooring using method indicated in strict compliance with manufacturer=s printed instructions. Extend
flooring into toe spaces, door reveals, and into closets and similar openings.
Scribe, cut and fit resilient flooring to permanent fixtures, built-in furniture and cabinets, pipes, outlets and
permanent columns, walls and partitions.
Maintain reference markers, holes, or openings that are in place or plainly marked for future cutting by repeating
on finish flooring as marked on sub floor. Use chalk or other non-permanent marking device.
Tightly cement resilient flooring to sub base without open cracks, voids, raising and puckering at joints,
telegraphing of adhesive spreader marks, or other surface imperfections. Hand roll resilient flooring at perimeter
of each covered area to assure adhesion.
Lay tile from center marks established with principal walls, discounting minor offsets, so that tile at opposite edges
of room are of equal width. Adjust as necessary to avoid use of cut widths less than 2 tile at room perimeters.
Lay tile square to room axis, unless otherwise shown.
Match tiles for color and pattern by using tile from cartons in same sequence as manufactured and packaged if so
numbered. Cut tile neatly around all fixtures. Broken, cracked, chipped, or deformed tiles are not acceptable.
Lay tile in checkerboard fashion with grain reversed in adjacent tiles.
Adhere tile flooring to substrates using full spread of adhesive applied in compliance with flooring manufacturers
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
Apply wall base to walls, columns, pilasters, casework, cabinetry and other permanent fixtures in rooms or areas
where base is required. Install base in lengths as long as practicable. Install premanufactured, standard toe,
inside and outside corners.
Tightly bond base to substrate throughout length of each piece with continuous contract at horizontal and vertical
On masonry surfaces, or other similar irregular substrates, fill voids along top edge of resilient wall base with
manufacturer’s recommended adhesive filler material.
Install snap-in type resilient transitional moldings at all edges where flooring is exposed. Drill holes in substrate
and attach track base to substrate with ¾” square aluminum nails. Snap-in resilient transitional molding with ½”
long stem in to place.
Perform following operations immediately upon completion of resilient flooring:
Sweep floor thoroughly.
Do not wash floor until time period recommended by resilient flooring manufacturer has elapsed to allow
resilient flooring to become well-sealed in adhesive.
Damp-mop floor being careful to remove black marks and excessive soil.
Remove any excess adhesive or other surface blemishes, using appropriate cleaner recommended by
resilient flooring manufacturers.
The District will provide labor to move furniture and equipment and will do all asbestos abatement. District will
order all carpet and accessories to complete work per quote from successful contractor.
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
Install Carpet and Materials
1. Undersigned proposes to provide the Purchase of and Installation for Carpet and Vinyl Composition Tile to
Laramie County School District Number One in compliance with the Request for Proposal, Special Provisions, and
Minimum Specifications.
2. By submission of this bid, the bidder certifies that:
A. Prices in this invitation have been arrived at independently, without consultation, communication or
agreement with any other person, firm or corporation for the purpose of restricting competition.
B. Prices have been verified by the supplier and the conditions of this proposal have been reviewed and
accepted by all appropriate parties constituting this offer.
C. Prices in this invitation have not knowingly been disclosed, by the bidder, to any other bidder, and will not
be prior to award.
D. No attempt has been made nor will be by the bidder to induce any other person or firm to submit a
proposal for the purpose of restricting competition.
E. The individual signing this proposal certifies that he/she is a legal agent of the supplier and is further
authorized to represent the offering and is legally responsible for the decision as to the prices and
supporting documentation provided.
Company Name
Name of Assigned Representative/Agent
Company’s Principal Place of Business
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number (800 preferred)
Fax Number
Email Address
Time period bid prices will be held firm after bid
opening for evaluation
Taxpayer Identification Number
Employer Identification Number
Social Security Number (If applicable)
Incorporated:  Yes  No
If Yes, specify State of Incorporation:
Discounts allowed for prompt payment
20 Calendar Days ______%
30 Calendar Days ______%
Guaranteed delivery days after receipt of order
Company website (if applicable)
Company Bid Identification or Quotation Number
(If Applicable)
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
Laramie County School District Number One
Purchasing Department
Bid prices are established for the contract period?
Will your firm accept Visa?
Required Bid Submittals/Acknowledgements:
Bid forms, pages 15-16 are completed and signed
Check to acknowledge that proof of insurance will be submitted within ten (10) days after notification of
Certifications of carpet installers are included
PRICING SCHEDULE FOR COLLINS & AIKMAN CARPET PROJECTS: Any exceptions to the items listed below
must be submitted on a separate piece of paper and submitted with the bid.
Project Management/Administration:
Installation of 6 ft. vinyl backed C&A carpet (includes minor floor prep)
Installation of dry back roll goods (includes minor floor prep)
Installation of carpet tile (RS only) (includes minor floor prep)
Installation of carpet over carpet (includes minor floor prep)
Install transition strips
Install 4” rubber base
Install 6” rubber base
Install 4” premanufactured, standard toe inside corners
Install 4” premanufactured, standard toe outside corners
Install 6” premanufactured, standard toe inside corners
Install 6” premanufactured, standard toe outside corners
Skim coat of floor, if required
Basic carpet demo (No machine required)
Tear up and disposal of existing carpet
$ ____________ per sq. yard
$ ____________ per sq. yard
$ ____________ per sq. yard
$ ____________ per sq. yard
$ ____________ per sq. yard
$ ____________ per linear ft.
$ ____________ per linear ft.
$ ____________ per linear ft.
$ ____________
$ ____________
$ ____________
$ ____________
$ ____________ per sq. foot
$ ____________ per sq. yard
$ ____________ per sq. yard
VCT Tile:
$ ____________ per square foot
Sheet Vinyl:
$ ____________ per square yard
Walk Off Carpet:
$ ____________ per square yard
Company Name
Name of Authorized Rep. – Typed or Printed
Street Address/P.O. Box
Signature of Authorized Representative
Due: April 4, 2006 – 2:00 PM (MST)
RFP 06-RFP-0009
Employee Group Life Insurances
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