Book Scavenger Hunt

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Book Scavenger Hunt
Prentice Hall Biology (Miller, Levine) C. 2004
1. Besides the name of the unit, what information can be found at the beginning of each unit? (There are three.)
2. What is at the very beginning of each chapter, before the first section?
3. Your friend asks you what DNA polymerase is. What are 2 ways you could use your book to find the answer?
4. What kind of information can be found in the Index? What page does the index start?
5. List the title of all the book’s appendices. (There are eight.)
What two places in a chapter will have a list of the vocabulary words that are included in a section of the chapter?
7. What are the headings under the Chapter 1 Assessment?
8. What symbol is used to locate key concepts in the chapters? (The same symbol is used on the 1st page of each section,
in the reading, in the section assessment, and in the chapter study guide)
9. Why is it important to read the captions that accompany the pictures? Refer to Figure1.5 and 1.6 when you answer
this question.
10. What is the purpose of the CheckPoint?
11. What career in biology is featured in Unit 1?
12. What pictures are shown in the Technology and Society feature in Chapter 10?
13. What information is included in the study guide that is at the end of the chapter?
14. What is the name of the section in each chapter that has test-taking tips? Where is it located in the chapter?
15. What is the web code for the Go Online interactive self-test for Chapter 1?
16. In what 2 places of your book can you find a copy of the Periodic Table of Elements?
17. The book has ____________ units and _________ chapters.
18. I am most excited to learn/read/understand/explore these two units: