Menomonie Public Library Addition, Soil Testing

Menomonie Public Library
Soil Testing For Building Addition
Summer '99
Drill rig for augering holes, core boring, and performing a split-spoon Standard Penetration Test.
The proposed building project is on the North to Northeast side of the existing building. All
underground utilities must be located and marked prior to soil exploration.
Augering down to the appropriate depth.
Extracting an undisturbed soil sample from the split-spoon sampler.
Marking the pipe to record the N-value for the SPT. This gives an indication for the soil type as
a function of depth.
Opening up the sampling tube. The pictures shows soil (or rock) obtained from below the
ground near the library.
Close-up of the soil contained in the sampler.
Thanks to GME Consultants, Inc., for allowing me to record their soil exploration with a camera.