Ch 3 Review Ch3 tissue cells review w.s..

Ch. 3 Cells and Tissue Review worksheet
Tissue pictures
1. What are the 4 main elements in a cell?
2. What is the largest human cell and smallest?
3. Why are cells shaped differently? Give 3 examples
4. What does the Cell Theory state?
5. Describe the special details of the plasma membrane.
6. What is the hierarchical organization for cell function?
7. What is diffusion?
8. What is osmosis?
9. What is a concentration gradient?
10. Define hypotonic—isotonic--- hypertonic
11. What are the stages of cell division. Describe Each briefly.
12. Why are DNA and RNA important?
13. Describe transcription and translation.
14. List the 4 main tissue types with general characteristics of each. Which is the
most common?
15. What are the main categories of epithelial tissue and where are they found?
16. What are the types of connective tissue?
17. Describe the 3 types of muscle tissue?
18. How does tissue repair its self?