Civil War Study Guide

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Civil War Study Guide
Directions: Answer each question on loose-leaf paper. If you cannot find the answers in your
notes use chapter 8.
1. What is abolition?
2. Who were jayhawkers?
3. Explain the name contraband.
4. What is secession?
5. What is a company?
6. Where did the soldiers train?
7. What did the Conscription Act do?
8. Why was the Conscription act unpopular?
9. What does constitutional mean?
10. Describe the 13th Amendment.
11. How did African Americans contribute to the Civil War? Which side do they mostly serve
for and why? Pg. 208
12. What is the Anaconda Plan? Who creates it? How does it effect Louisiana?(in notes)
13. What were the goals of the Red River Campaign? (pg 210)
14. What were some results of the federal blockade of New Orleans? Pg. 214
15. What is the 3/5th Compromise? (in notes)
16. Why did Lincoln not win any votes from the south during the 1860 Election? How is he still
elected? (in notes)
17. What is the first battle of the Civil War? Who wins? Pg. 192
18. What is the Republic of Louisiana? How long did it exist? (in notes)
19. What are 2 causes of the Civil War? Explain the concept of states’ rights? (in notes)
20. Why did abolitionist support ending slavery? (in notes)
21. Why is Benjamin “Beast” Butler hated in New Orleans? What was his job there?(in notes)
22. Does the Emancipation Proclamation free any slaves? Why or why not? (in notes)
23. What was the Tax in Kind Act? (in notes)
24. What was the Impressment Act? (in notes)
25. _____________________________ is the lead general for the North, while ___________________________ is the
lead general for the south. Pg. 201 & 214
26. Who is the president of the Confederacy? (in notes)
27. Why is New Orleans important in the slave trade? (in notes)
28. What are the impacts of the Civil War on Louisiana? (in notes)
29. Describe the north and south prior to the war? Know which was mostly urban and which
was mostly rural. Also, know who wanted to make western territories slave territories. (in
30. Explain “Tyranny by the majority.” (in notes)
31. How many people owned slaves before the Civil War? (in notes)
32. How does Louisiana participate in training soldiers for the Civil War? (in notes)
33. Who were the Louisiana Tigers?
34. What happened when Union General David Farragut attacks New Orleans? How did the
people of New Orleans react to the Union arriving? (in notes)
35. How and when does the Civil War end? (in notes and pg. 214)
36. Give reasons why Beauregard is an important Civil War figure? (pg. 191)
37. The U.S. purchased Louisiana from? Pg. 146
38. What kind of economic system does the U.S. have? Pg. 50
39. This person served several times as Louisiana governor under the French possession and is
responsible for ordering the building of New Orleans? Pg 112
40. What do archeologist think Poverty Point was used for? pg. 80