outline sheet

Environmental Science
Air and Water Quality Issues
1.) The Greenhouse Effect describes how
Earth’s surface is trapped in the atmosphere and reflected back towards Earth.
2.) The four main greenhouse gases are:
3.) The most abundant greenhouse gas is
, naturally added to
the atmosphere is large numbers by
4.) Carbon dioxide is a waste product of
5.) A major carbon dioxide sink is
6.) Refrigerant gases, cleaning solvents, and propellants in aerosol may contain
, a greenhouse gas that is 15,000 times more effective than CO2.
7.) The third greenhouse gas, methane, is primarily produced from
sources such as certain types of bacteria present in wetlands and the stomachs of cows.
8.) Nitrous oxide is produced mainly by
9.) Some of the largest concerns regarding global warming are: rising
and more violent
10.) The ozone layer sits 8-15 miles above sea level in the
Earth’s atmosphere. This protective layer absorbs
of the
% of the UV radiation from the sun.
11.) Once in the stratosphere, CFC molecules can react with and destroy ozone molecules
for up to
12.) The largest source of carbon monoxide is the
13.) Very small solid pieces of material which can accumulate in the lungs are called
14.) NOx reacts with UV light to form
15.) Ground-level ozone (bad ozone) is a dangerous component of
16.) In terms of air pollution, the northeastern United States is often thought of as this
17.) The two main acids present in acid rain are
18.) Fish kills, sterile lakes, forest and vegetation decline, and limestone deterioration are
all a consequence of