Weather and Climate Study Guide

Weather and Climate Study Guide
1. What problem does sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere cause?
2. What process happens that causes ocean water to become water vapor in the atmosphere?
3. What has happened to amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere between 1950 and today?
Why has this happened?
4. What is the function of the ozone layer?
5. What caused the hole in the ozone layer? Why are scientists concerned about the hole in the
6. Where is most of the Earth’s water located?
7. Where is most of the Earth’s fresh water located?
8. What do we call the process by which water is recycled on Earth?
9. What happens when water condenses? Give an example.
10. What is Earth’s hydrosphere? What are some components of it?
11. What source of energy fuels the water cycle?
12. What is a meteorologist?
13. What is the difference between weather and climate?
14. If a scientist is studying temperatures, rainfall, storm patterns, and other meteorological data over
a long period of time, what is he/she studying?
15. What is a front? Draw the symbol for each.
16. What kind of weather do fronts bring with them in general?
17. How will the weather of two cities compare if one is near an ocean and the other is surrounded
only by land?
18. What causes wind?
19. What causes wind speeds to increase?
20. How do mountains affect climate? How do oceans affect climate?
21. What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources?
22. List five renewable resources. Give an advantage and disadvantage of each.
23. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable sources of energy. Give some examples of fossil fuels.
24. What is the problem with increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
25. Draw a picture that illustrates the greenhouse effect.
26. What is pollution?
27. What is the greenhouse effect?
28. What kind of weather is associated with high pressure systems? Low pressure systems?
29. Draw a diagram to illustrate the climate zones according to latitude.
30. How do snow and ice help to keep Earth’s temperature from increasing too much?