Water Properties PPT Guided Notes

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Properties of Water Guided Notes
1. #1Polarity: Water molecules have a slightly _____________charge near the ______________
atom and a slightly ___________________ charge around the _____________________ atom.
2. #2 Universal Solvent: Water _____________ more substances than sulfuric acid because of its
_________________ characteristic. It can _________________ molecules of a substance and
pull it apart.
3. #3 Cohesion : Water is attracted to other ________________________ molecules.
4. #4 Adhesion: Water can also be attracted to other different ____________________.
5. #5 Density: Ice is less dense than __________________ which is why ice floats.
It _____________________ as it freezes allowing fish to live in water during winter
6. #6 High Specific Heat Capacity: Water can take a lot of heat without its________________
rising much. Our ____________________ are about 85% water and this allows us to withstand
temperature changes when we go outside.
7. #7 Neutral pH: Water has a pH of approximately _____________which means it is neither
____________________ or ______________________.
8. #8 Surface Tension: __________________of water molecules at the surface of a body of water
causes the water to pull itself into a shape with the _________________ amount of surface
area (sphere). _____________ _______________allows water striders to 'skate' across the
top of a pond. (Cohesion)
9. #9 Capillary Action: Placing a straw into a glass of water, it ________________ up the straw.
Water molecules are attracted to the _________________ molecules (adhesion).
When one ________________ molecule moves, the other water molecules
_________________ (cohesion) . Capillary action is limited by ________________ and the
_______________ of the straw. Plants take advantage of capillary action to pull
_______________ into their _________________.
10. Cohesion or Adhesion? Explain the picture.