In developing a BPR case you might ask yourself these questions

In developing a BPR case you might ask yourself these questions.
1. Is there a problem, or are we perfect? If you are perfect, write a 30-page paper on
proving it.
2. How can we find out if there is a problem? Who can we ask, employees,
customers, managers, etc…
3. Is the customer view important? Think about what the customer wants and then
figure out the best way to deliver.
4. Will there be a leap in productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, or just a step? What
are the possible benefits?
5. What are the risks if it fails?
6. Top management support: You have to have it, so how are you going to get it and
keep it? In other words, what will they get out of it?
7. Employee empowerment: How do you make them like it? Remember, when one
person gets more responsibility or power, another loses it. This might directly
relate to number 3.
8. Should you train employees at more than one job? Is it appropriate for your
business or processes? How much would it cost in efficiency compared to the
security and possible innovation?
9. Would the caseworker strategy help? Does the process go through many people
and departments needlessly?
10. What are the past assumptions of the process and are they still current? Why do
you do it this way? Does everything add value?
11. Will the BPR give you a strategic advantage?
12. Reward system? Are you going to change the compensation? Give awards?
Contests? Time off? How do you motivate the workers and managers to change?
Coercion or Bribery?
13. Should you outsource not strategic operations?
14. Are you doing more with less?
15. Will you eliminate positions in the firm? How will you do this? How will you
keep the remaining employees morale high?
16. What about variability? Think about what could go wrong and take steps so that
your new process will be robust.
17. Should you do a pilot study before full implementation?
18. Should you implement in the existing work place or get a fresh start in a new
19. Is benchmarking a good idea?
20. How with this reengineered process effect suppliers?