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The American Revolution
Fighting Begins in the North
Section 1
Guided Reading Notes
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Learning Objectives:
You should be able to explain two important things the Second Continental Congress did.
You should be able to identify and describe the early battles in the Revolutionary War including Ft. Ticonderoga and Bunker Hill.
You should be able to list the advantages and disadvantages of both sides at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.
You should be able to explain why the British had to leave Boston and tell where they went.
Setting the Scene
How did the news of the Lexington and Concord battles spread so quickly?
Why do you think so many soldiers came to Boston after they heard about the battles?
Imagine 10,000 to 15,000 militia (minute men) camped outside of the city of Boston. How would you feel if
you were a British soldier living in the city of Boston? Explain
Peace or War?
A Peace Petition
 What do you think this is? _______________________________
What did the colonists say in their petition to King George?
Why do you think it was called the “Olive Branch Petition”?
What was the king’s response to the petition? (What did he do?)
Rebels take Ticonderoga
Who led the attack on Fort Ticonderoga? ___________________________________
Who were the Green Mountain Boys?
List the two main reasons the Green Mountain Boys wanted to capture Fort Ticonderoga.
Setting Up an Army
Why was the creation of the Continental Army considered a “bold step”?
Who was named the leader of the Continental Army?___________________________________
Advantages of the Opposing Sides
What did the colonists that favored war with Britain call themselves? ________________________________
What did the people that supported the king and the British Army call themselves? ______________________
Patriots = Rebels = Colonists = Continentals
Based on your reading, what advantages and disadvantages did the Patriots have at the beginning of the war.
The British = The Redcoats = The Lobsterbacks
Based on your reading, what advantages and disadvantages did the British have at the beginning of the war.
Loyalists = Tories
What problems did Loyalists living in the colonies have during the Revolutionary War?
How did some Loyalists overcome their problems?
The Fight for Boston
Battle of Bunker Hill
While historians call the first major battle of the Revolutionary War the Battle of Bunker Hill, most of the
fighting took place on Breed’s Hill, which was a better position to fire at the British ships.
Who led the Patriot (Colonial) soldiers at Bunker Hill and Breed’s Hill? ______________________________
Fill in the speech bubble with the famous words that Colonel Prescott told his troops during the Battle of Bunker Hill.
Who led the British (Redcoats) soldiers at Bunker Hill and Breed’s Hill? ______________________________
THINK MATH – According to the numbers in the book, what is the ratio of British soldiers to Patriot soldiers?
What was the outcome of the Battle of Bunker Hill? (Who won? What did it prove?)
The British Leave Boston
What changed in Boston when George Washington got there and took over as general of the Continental
What problem did Washington face with the militia gathered outside of Boston?
Hint… hint…
What help did the Green Mountain Boys offer to General Washington?
Rats! We are
We must flee!
Why did the British finally leave Boston? Who went with them?
Where did they go?
General William Howe
Explain how the British planned to use the blockade and mercenaries.
Where were the mercenaries going to come from? (Which country?) _________________________________