Revolutionary War Web Quest

Revolutionary War Web Quest
Click on 1775 to 1778 at the bottom.
1. Click on the city of Boston in Massachusetts. Why do they say the Revolution was “born” there?
Give me specific and plentiful details.
2. Click on Lexington and Concord. Who won this conflict?
3. How did Ralph Waldo Emerson describe the shots at
Lexington and Concord?
4. Click on Bunker Hill. Who won?
5. Why did General Gage want to target Boston/Bunker Hill?
6. Why is Bunker Hill significant (this is pointed out towards the end of the description of this
7. Click on the town of Saratoga (red dot to the right within New York). Who won?
8. Why is the Battle of Saratoga thought to be the turning point of the War?
Click on the second tab at the bottom, 1778 to 1781.
9. Click on Yorktown (only dot in Virginia, most northern dot). This battle took place in 1781 and
was the last major battle of the War. Who won?
10. How did they win?
11. Who (which country) helped secure a win for the victorious side?
12. What was the name of the General who surrendered?
Click on the last tab: Treaty of Paris 1783. The Treaty of Paris 1783 was the agreement between
the new United States and the British that ended the War. The numbers represent the outline of the
new territory that belonged to the United States.
13. Describe what the new United States, more or less, looked like, geographically speaking, based
on these numbers.
14. How far west did the new country’s territory extend?
15. How far north?
16. How far south?