Textbook Scavenger Hunt – Holt Science Spectrum

Textbook scavenger Hunt
Textbook Scavenger Hunt
Answer the following questions using complete sentences.
1. On what page does the Table of Contents begin (Contents in Brief)?
2. Look through the detailed Table of Contents. What is the name and number of one section that you
think will be most interesting to learn about. Why did you choose this topic?
3. What page does Chapter 24 start on? Now go to that page.
a. In what color are the major headings of each section written? How many of them are there in
Section 1?
b. In what color are the sub-headings written?
c. Go back to the beginning of chapter 24 – How many “Key terms” are in this chapter?
4. On what page do the Appendices start?
5. In what Appendix would look if you were identifying a rock?
6. Go to chapter 2. What page can you find a picture of the Earth’s Interior?
7. On what page does the Glossary begin?
8. On what page does the Index begin?
9. What is the definition of fault ? Why is page 277 important for this word?
10. In what chapter can you look for more information on the Big Bang Theory?