Reading 4 Vocabulary
English Vocabulary Words
1. asterisk- a star shaped mark * used in printing, (often indicates a footnote)
2. bibliography- a list of books or essays on a particular subject by the same person
3. brochure- a pamphlet
4. discredit- fail to believe; to cause doubt or damage the reputation of; disgrace
5. hypothetical- supposed or believable but not necessarily true; imagined or uncertain
6. jurisdiction- authority or power; the limits governed by an authority
7. perspective- point of view; the effect of distance on the appearance of objects
8. recession- the act of withdrawing or going back; a decline in the economy
9. statute- a law, rule or regulation
10. thesis-an argument or supposition to be defended
Science Vocabulary Words
11. osmosis- diffusion of water across a semi permeable membrane
12. passive transport-method of transporting materials into and out of the cell that
doesn’t require energy; materials flow with the concentration gradient, high to low
13. pathogen- disease causing agent
14. phenotype- physical characteristics associated with a specific genotype (TT= tall)
15. photosynthesis- process where plants trap sunlight and convert it to chemical energy
Math Vocabulary Words
16. inverse property of multiplication- two numbers that have a product of 1 (2, ½)
17. line segment- two endpoints and the straight path between them
18. mean- find the mean by adding the numbers and dividing by the number of terms; the
leveling or evening off point of a set of data
19. median- the middle number when an odd number of terms is arranged from lowest to
20. mode- the number or item that appears most often in a set of data
Reading 4 Vocabulary
English Vocabulary Words
1. bilingual- able to use two languages well; written or spoken in two languages
2. biographical- having to do with a person’s life; giving the life story of a person
3. chronological- the arranged order in which things happen
4. deficient- lacking some essential quality; incomplete
5. denounce- to condemn openly; to accuse formally or inform against
6. dissuade- to persuade someone not to do something; to discourage
7. fluent- able to use language easily and skillfully; effortlessly
8. galvanize- to arouse suddenly as if by electric shock; to coat metal to prevent rust
9. infamous- having a bad reputation; famous for bad things; notorious
10. satirical- using irony and wit to attack ideas, people or customs; sarcastic
Science Vocabulary Words
11. phylogeny- the evolutionary history of an organism
12. phylum- the taxonomic group which has similar classes
13. platelets- component of blood whose main function is to stop flow when the body has
an injury
14. prokaryote- cells which lack a nuclear membrane and organelles
15. protein- basic component of all living cells; made of amino acids
Math Vocabulary Words
16. multiples- numbers that are products of a given number and a whole number
17. multiplicative property of equality- if each side of an equation is multiplied by the
same number, then the two sides remain equal
18. number line- a line with equal distance marked off to represent numbers
19. negative integers- the numbers to the left of zero on a number line
20. number sentence- an equation or inequality with numbers
Reading 4 Vocabulary
English Vocabulary Words
1. applicable- appropriate; suitable to be applied
2. ideology- the principal beliefs, opinions, or doctrines of an individual, class or
movement; basic ideas f an economic or political theory
3. immaterial- not important or relevant; not made of matter, but spiritual
4. trivial- not important; insignificant
5. inconvenient- not convenient; to suitable to plans; difficult to do
6. optimistic- expecting the best; inclined to look on the bright side; hopeful
7. perceptible- noticeable; observable
8. ponderous- large, heavy, and clumsy; dull and tiresome
9. premature- too early; too soon; before the proper time
10. tentative- subject to change; uncertain
Science Vocabulary Words
11. pseudopod- false feet used for locomotion- amoeba
12. Punnett square- method used to predict the characteristics of offspring in a genetic
13. recessive trait- a trait that is present only when the dominant trait is absent (tt=short)
14. red blood cells- most numerous cells in the human body; main function to carry
15. replication- the process by which DNA makes a copy of itself before cell division
Math Vocabulary Words
16. numerators- the number above the line in fractions
17. obtuse angle- an angle that measures between 90 and 180 degrees
18. octagon- a polygon with 8 sides
19. odd numbers- any number that can’t be divided into 2 equal groups of whole
20. open figures- any figure that is not closed
Reading 4 Vocabulary
English Vocabulary Words
1. acclaim- loud applause or praise; to approve strongly
2. affected-influenced; stirred emotionally; to speak in a false way to make an impression
3. affirmation- something asserted as true
4. circumscribe- to restrict or to limit; to encircle or draw a circle around
5. clamber- to scramble; to climb with difficulty using hands and feet
6. incalculable- not able to be reckoned beforehand; uncertain; too many to count
7. influential- having or exerting influence; powerful; having effect
8. perennial- perpetual; enduring; a plant that lasts through many seasons
9. priority- precedence; something that is first in time, order or importance
10. prominence- the state or quality of being prominent or standing out; famous
Science Vocabulary Words
11. ribosome- builds protein molecules
12. RNA- ribonucleic acid, similar to DNA except it has a nitrogen base
13. salivary glands- secrete saliva which moistens and lubricates food to make it easy to
14. selective permeability- some molecules can enter a cell and some cannot
15. skeletal muscle- muscles attached to bone to help in movement
Math Vocabulary Words
16. open sentences- a sentence that has a symbol that represents unknown numbers
17. order of operations- PEMDAS- parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division.
addition and subtraction; done from left to right
18.outcomes- individual results of a probability experiment
19. parallel- lines going the same direction and the same distance apart
20. parallelogram- 4 sided quadrilateral that has opposite sides parallel
Reading 4 Vocabulary
English Vocabulary Words
1. dubious- causing doubt; uncertain; questionable
2. equation- a statement of equality; process of making equal
3. essence- fundamental nature of something; a defining feature of something
4. frenzied- wildly excited; frantic
5. grueling- exhausting; very trying
6. haphazard- left to chance; not planned; random
7. liability- something for which someone is legally responsible; a debt or drawback
8. unkempt- not neat; neglected; untidy
9. vanity- the quality of being vain or conceited
10. volatile- explosive; changeable; fickly
Science Vocabulary Words
11. skeletal system- system of bones that protect the internal organs and enables
movement of the body
12. skin- body’s first line of defense against germs and infection
13.small intestine- most chemical digestion takes place here
14. smooth muscle- involuntary muscles found in blood vessels and organs
15. species- a group of organisms closely related and can reproduce together
Math Vocabulary Words
16. ordering of numbers- placing numbers in order from smallest to largest
17. pentagon- a polygon with 5 sides
18. perimeter- the distance around the outside of a closed figure
19. percent- when a number is changed to a fraction with 100 in the denominator
20. perpendicular- 2 lines that intersect at right angles