6-8 Social Studies

6-8 Social Studies
IF PD Building Session
September 28 or 29, 2009
Multimedia Library
o Learn how your topic search will provide you with direct video streaming from
Discovery Streaming and Learn 360, as well as with DVDs.
o Learn that many of the new social studies DVDs that support the adoption have
Spanish Language Tracks.
o Receive handouts that show you how to sign up and book online.
Arrive on time
Come prepared
Listen actively
Be responsible to the task
Be responsible to the time
Entrance Slips
Try one (for formative assessment of last year’s learning on differentiation in Social
Try them this month in your classroom so that we have examples to share at our next IF
Focus on creating a clear target and matching your question to the target
Entrance Slip
Here is the situation to which you will apply your understanding and knowledge:
 You are about to begin a History Alive unit.
 You have provided an assessment that has shown you that none of your students
have any significant knowledge of the concepts to be learned.
 The first lesson begins with an activity that teaches one of the main concepts of the
lesson, moves on to alternating reading and working in the Interactive Student
Notebook, and finishes with a Processing assignment (which also serves as a
formative assessment) before the summative assessment.
 You have three students who Exceed the benchmarks in reading.
Here is the question:
How will you use the various materials available from History Alive to differentiate for
these three students? If you use the terms tiering and compacting in your answer,
explain what they mean in this context.
Beverly Daggett
503-916-5404 X 71047
Overview of the Year
 Knowledge Rating (Pre-Assessment Strategy so we know what we already know!)
 Writing to Learn and Learning to Write~ Double Bubble Graphic Organizer
o Read Writing to Learn bubbles: What is your favorite Writing to Learn
o Read Learning to Write bubbles: What is your biggest challenge with the
common assignment?
o Read the common bubbles: Why might Double Bubble be superior to
 Calendar (Dates and Topics)
 Assessment Calendar
Writing Notebook Social Studies Section
1-HA Opportunities
3-Desk Atlas
5 minute Quick Write
Three reasons that it’s a good idea to teach writing through Social Studies are that…
(Include details explaining how Social Studies and History Alive provide engaging
opportunities for teaching writing.)
Share out if time
Could become a Think-Write-Pair-Share
Exit Slips/Muddiest Point
 An Exit Slip helps you check whether students have the same idea about the key points of
the lesson that you intended.
 Muddiest Points are what students are unclear on at the end of the lesson.
Writing to Learn
Entrance Slips
Entrance Slips
Double Bubble
Knowledge Rating
Quick Write
Quick Write
Exit Slip/Muddiest Pt.
Exit Slip/Muddiest Pt.
Beverly Daggett
503-916-5404 X 71047