Paper Ideas for The Great Gatsby:


Paper Ideas for The Great Gatsby: 3 page typed paper in MLA format

1. Explain the novel’s message about one of the following topics:

American society in the 1920s (or in any era)

The upper classes

The American Dream

Provide support for your conclusions with examples from the novel.

2. Do a thorough character analysis of either Jay Gatsby or Nick Carraway. Be sure to provide specific evidence that will back up your conclusions about the character. Do not just write a character history – you must write about the character’s personality.

3. Explain what makes The Great Gatsby a literary masterpiece. Try to limit the criteria your paper will address. There are many topics to bring up in a paper of this nature, including Fitzgerald’s style, story structure, the depth of his characters and themes, his use of foreshadowing, humor, and the motifs and symbols he uses in the novel. Do NOT discuss all of the above in your paper—it would be too much for a paper of this length.

Provide support in the way of examples from the novel (and from documented critical essays).

4. Analyze the novel’s symbolism and motifs (Dr. T.J. Eckleburg, cars, time, or some other).

5. Discuss any of the major themes in American Literature present/evident in the novel.

Consider the following: Freedom, Individualism, Appearances VS reality, Initiation, the

Journey, and Moral Struggle.


Discuss any other theme that appears in the novel (Greed, facade=appearances VS reality, women’s troubles in this era, equality, hypocrites, etc.)


Discuss what the novel seems to say about CLASS and or POWER in America.


Discuss what various colors mean in this novel and provide evidence to support your assertions.