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May 2013 collapse Week of 4/29/2013 Change Week
Song Analysis Edit
After listening to the song "Only Alive" by Jars of Clay ( and paying close attention to the
lyrics, make an entry in your class notes - what is the title and artist of the song, and what is this song really about?
Assigned On: 4/30/2013
Due: 5/1/2013
Reflection Essay (5/1/13) Edit Delete
On a separate sheet of paper with full heading, write two full paragraphs (5-8 sentences each) in reflection on any/all of the following: what
have you learned thus far about real love? What are examples of real love in your life? If growth in love is to become more Christ-like, how
could you grow in "really loving"?
Assigned On: 5/1/2013
Due: 5/3/2013
April 2013 collapse Week of 4/8/2013 Change Week
Human Experience Worksheet (4/9/13) Edit
Keep in mind what you have seen in this film (questions for your notes/assignment are available in Homework folder) and pray about it.
ALSO, check out the service fair this week with opportunities to make a difference.
Assigned On: 4/9/2013
Due: 4/12/2013
Week of 4/15/2013 Change Week
Reading (4/12/13) Edit
Read pages 115-116 in your textbook, an excerpt on sin and conversion from a former abortion doctor. In your notes, record your own answers
to the four questions on the bottom of 116.
Assigned On: 4/12/2013
Due: 4/15/2013
CCC Reading (4/15/13) Edit Delete
Review Catechism paragraphs 397-401 (a few bullets into notes may be helpful)!
Assigned On: 4/15/2013
Due: 4/16/2013
Textbook Ch. 7 (4/17/13) Edit Delete
After examining Chapter 7 in your Morality textbooks, answer questions 3-6, 9-13, and 16-18 from page 134 into your notes. Include the
questions in the wording so that these answers serve as actual notes for Unit 3!
Assigned On: 4/17/2013
Due: 4/19/2013
Week of 4/22/2013 Change Week
Textbook Questions (4/19/13) Edit
Having discussed the nature of "missing the mark," begin reflecting on the first "aiming help" for our unit - the conscience by answeringquestions 1-3 on page 77 of your textbook, on a separate sheet of paper with proper heading.
Assigned On: 4/19/2013
Due: 4/23/2013
Week of 4/29/2013 Change Week
*Weekend Reading (4/24/13) Edit
Read pages 86-88 in the textbook and answer questions 10-12 from page 94 into your notes as bullet-style points on just laws, and how
conscience and civil law interact.
ALSO: If you don't already have the 10 Commandments memorized... know them for Monday!
Assigned On: 4/25/2013
Due: 4/29/2013
March 2013 collapse Week of 2/25/2013 Change Week
Reading (2/28/13) Edit
Read Catechism paragraph 373, and draw out all key points into your notes. Our Reference page has the hyperlink for an online searchable
Assigned On: 2/28/2013
Due: 3/1/2013
Week of 3/4/2013 Change Week
Reading (3/1/13) Edit
Consult the reading "Man and Woman Sexual Difference Reading 1" found in our Readings folder. It is advisable that you print this out in
order to complete the assignment. Follow the directions on the handout and have a great weekend!
Assigned On: 3/1/2013
Due: 3/4/2013
Week of 3/11/2013 Change Week
Study! Edit
Over the weekend, get a good handle on our notes thus far for Unit 2. We will be closing the unit soon, so Monday would be a good day to be
up to speed...
Assigned On: 3/8/2013
Due: 3/11/2013
Jason Evert gave a rocking presentation on Thursday! Write a reflection on this talk; in at least three parapraphs (5-7 sentences each), share
something that you learned from either Jason's words or anything in his books or website (, and how it has affected you.
Due in class by next Friday!
Assigned On: 3/8/2013
Due: 3/15/2013
Reading (3/12/13) Edit
Consult the "Man Cannot Live Without Love - Redemptor Hominis Reading" in the Readings folder. Printing is advisable, but at least draw the
key points from this excerpt into your notes via the questions at the end of the reading.
Assigned On: 3/12/2013
Due: 3/13/2013
Reading (3/13/13) Edit
Read page 16 section J in your textbook, and draw out the key points into your notes for tomorrow! (the relationship between love of God and
neighbor, love and morality, etc.)
Assigned On: 3/13/2013
Due: 3/14/2013
Week of 3/18/2013 Change Week
Reflection (3/15/13) Edit
Consult the "Pope Readings" in the Readings folder and follow the instructions! Have a great weekend - keep it holy, keep it happy!
Assigned On: 3/15/2013
Due: 3/18/2013
Man's Freedom Handout Edit
After carefully reading the "Man's Freedom" handout (in Readings folder if needed), draw out the key points in bullet-style into your notes.
Have the following questions recorded AND answered in your notes as well:
-What is freedom?
-What shapes a person’s life?
-How does one become more free?
-How does one become less free, even un-free?
-What factors might diminish or even remove responsibility for an action?
-When can an action be indirectly voluntary?
-Does the exercise of freedom require the ability to say or do whatever one wants?
Assigned On: 3/19/2013
Due: 3/20/2013
Textbook Reading (3/20/13) Edit
In Chapter 3 of your textbook, carefully read the Introduction through Section 3 (pages 46-48) and answer questions 1-7 on page 58 into your
notes (re-write the questions or include them in your answer).
Assigned On: 3/20/2013
Due: 3/21/2013
Textbook Reading Edit
In Ch. 3, read section 6 and the Conclusion, then answer the following into your notes: how can accepting rules/parameters/restrictions to
unrestrained choice actually keep someone free? How is this like driving a car?
Assigned On: 3/21/2013
Due: 3/22/2013
Week of 3/25/2013 Change Week
Remember that the Guiding Questions for Review are given as broad prompts for a thoroughgoing review of our notes, readings, etc. from the
past Unit! They can be found in the Homework folder if you need a copy - create yourself a good study guide and be prepared for a speedy
review in class on Monday!
Assigned On: 3/22/2013
Due: 3/25/2013
February 2013 collapse Week of 2/4/2013 Change Week
Unit 1 Exam is on TUESDAY... begin constructing your notes and don't leave it all until Monday...!
-Check out our Reference folder for the Guiding Questions for Review.
Assigned On: 1/31/2013
Due: 2/4/2013
Reading (2/5/13) Edit
In your TEXTBOOK, please read Section 2 found on page 25. Be familiar with the various concepts of what man is, which are briefly outlined
in this section - remember to take pointed notes!
Assigned On: 2/5/2013
Due: 2/6/2013
Reading (2/6/13) Edit
After reading the "Intergalactic Exploration Report" and the Unit 2 Introduction handout (both in the Readings folder if you missed it), answer
in your notes:
-why must secular humanism fail as a moral system?
-why can't a theory of biological evolution account for the mind/spirit?
-what four characteristics of the mind does our Harvard director point out as showing an "unbridgeable gap" between man and animals?
Assigned On: 2/6/2013
Due: 2/7/2013
Reading (3/1/13) Edit
Consult our Readings folder to find the Man and Woman; Sexual Differences Reading 1. Follow the instructions there for the taking of good
Assigned On: 3/1/2013
Due: 2/4/2013
Week of 2/11/2013 Change Week
Reading / Questions (2/7/13) Edit
Read sections 3a-3d starting on page 25 of your textbook. Then, on a separate sheet of paper with proper heading, answer questions 6-9 on
page 41. Complete sentences required.
BONUS: Interview a dog on the following topics: 1) What is it like being a dog? 2) What happens to dogs when they die? 3) When a dog
wakes up at night what does it think about? 4) If a dog could go anywhere in the world, where would it go? Record interview on video no
longer than 3 minutes, and put it on a transferable file to bring to class Monday.
Assigned On: 2/7/2013
Due: 2/11/2013
Reading (2/11/13) Edit
Please read Dr. Kreeft's "Catholic Christianity Chapter 4: Man" (given in class or viewable in our Readings folder). After reading, please
answer IN YOUR NOTES the questions found in our Homework folder ("Catholic Christianity Ch 4 Questions")
Assigned On: 2/11/2013
Due: 2/12/2013
Week of 2/18/2013 Change Week
Essay (2/15/13) Edit
Write a full paragraph essay (7 sentences minimum) in response to the following prompt:
If the Creation account in Genesis is not "unscientific," then how should it be read, and what truths are being conveyed about the cosmos and
about man?
Assigned On: 2/15/2013
Due: 2/19/2013
Reflection Paragraph Edit
On a separate sheet of paper, record at least 7 sentences in response to the following question: If man is made in the image and likeness of
God, should he be treated a certain way? What way?
This will be collected by the substitute in class tomorrow!
Assigned On: 2/20/2013
Due: 2/21/2013
Week of 2/25/2013 Change Week
Reading (2/22/13) Edit
Remember to re-examine Kreeft Ch. 4, sections 8 and 9. Draw out key points from these sections into your notes for Monday!
Assigned On: 2/22/2013
Due: 2/25/2013
Reading (2/27/13) Edit
Read Catechism paragraph 372 (viewable online at, and draw out all key points from this
paragraph into your notes.
Assigned On: 2/27/2013
Due: 2/28/2013
January 2013 collapse Week of 1/7/2013 Change Week
Reading (1/9/13) Edit
In the "Readings" folder, follow the link to C.S. Lewis' online book Mere Christianity, and read Book I, Section 1 which is entitled: "The Law
of Human Nature."
Remember: the best practice is to take a few notes on all reading, to help you grasp the material!
Assigned On: 1/9/2013
Due: 1/10/2013
Reading (1/10/13) Edit
In the Readings folder, read the pdf excerpt from C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity Book I, Section 4.
Assigned On: 1/10/2013
Due: 1/11/2013
Week of 1/14/2013 Change Week
Reading (1/11/13) Edit
In the Readings folder, follow again the link to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity, and read Book I, Section 5. Afterwards, find the homework in
the Homework folder entitled: Mere Christianity Questions_1. Either print it and complete it, or write your answers on a separate sheet of paper
with proper heading.
Assigned On: 1/11/2013
Due: 1/14/2013
Video + Commentary Edit
In the Media folder, access the Fr. Robert Barron video on morality (there are a few versions, in case one file type won't open). In your
notebooks, take down the key points.
(You might start out with: People don't say "I do what I want, I decide what's right" in areas like... or People don't want to admit a Right and
Wrong but stick to moral subjectivism because...)
Assigned On: 1/15/2013
Due: 1/16/2013
Reading (1/17/13) Edit
Be familiar with the syllogism found in the Argument From Desire - what is the major premise, minor premise, and conclusion?
(Find it in the Readings folder if you missed the handout)
Assigned On: 1/17/2013
Due: 1/18/2013
Week of 1/21/2013 Change Week
Reflection (1/18/13) Edit
Start the search. After watching Fr. John Nepil's video AND the video at the bottom of my homepage (my teacher page, not our morality page),
write a reflection. The guidelines are found in the Worksheets folder.
Have a great weekend!
Assigned On: 1/18/2013
Due: 1/22/2013
Reading (1/23/13) Edit
Read Ahlquist's lecture on "The Everlasting Man" (in the Readings folder if you missed it in class) carefully with a view to answering the
following questions with your own opinions, AND what you believe Ahlquist's answers to be (underlining and margin notes help!):
-Is man unique among creatures of the earth?
-Why does society decay?
-Is Christ a paradox?
Come prepared for seminar!
Assigned On: 1/23/2013
Due: 1/25/2013
Week of 1/28/2013 Change Week
Reading / Questions (1/25/13) Edit
After completing your Ahlquist and Chesterton reading, please complete the Everlasting Man assignment in our homework folder. Remember
also to review your seminar notes from this week and have a good handle on our discussion thus far for Monday!
Assigned On: 1/25/2013
Due: 1/29/2013
Reading (1/29/13) Edit
Start reading Kreeft's Catholic Christianity. Investigate points 1-15 in the first few pages of the selection handed out in class (also in our
readings folder), taking pointed bullet-notes for each small section.
Assigned On: 1/29/2013
Due: 1/30/2013
Reading (1/30/13) Edit
Read the remainder of our packet from Catholic Christianity (everything following section 15) taking pointed notes for each section!
Assigned On: 1/30/2013
Due: 1/31/2013
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