BUS-115 Introduction to Business Questions

BUS-115 Introduction to Business
Orientation Questions
Pick the ONE best answer for the following questions.
Mark your answers on a Scantron answer sheet (erase all stray marks)
For True/False questions, A=True and B=False
1. The course website address is:
a. http://www.cmc.edu/jtroeger/business
b. http://cmc.edu/jtroeger/business
c. http://www.faculty.coloradomtn.edu/jtroeger/business
d. http://faculty.coloradomtn.edu/jtroeger/business
e. None of the above
2. Your instructor’s email address is:
a. [email protected]
b. [email protected]
c. [email protected]
d. [email protected]
e. None of the above
3. Your instructor’s office and phone numbers are:
a. Bristol 205, 870-4444
b. Bristol 305, 871-4444
c. Bristol 305, 870-4437
d. Willett 210, 879-3744
e. None of the above
4. Your instructor’s office hours are:
a. Monday-Thursday: 10 am – noon; Friday 1-3 pm
b. Monday-Thursday, 3:00-3:50; Friday noon-1 pm
c. Monday-Friday: 9-10 am and 5:00-6:00 pm
d. Monday-Friday: 9-10 am
e. Office hours are by appointment only
5. How are students evaluated in the course?
a. 70% Exams, 30% homework, quizzes, participation & attendance
b. 30% Exams, 70% homework, quizzes, participation & attendance
c. 50% midterm, 50% final exam
d. 90% exams, 10% homework quizzes, participation & attencance
e. None of the above
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6. What is the last day you can withdraw from the course?
a. February 2, 2007
b. March 2, 2007
c. April 7, 2007
d. May, 5, 2007
e. None of the above
How many absences are you allowed before you are withdrawn from the class
and given an administrative withdraw (AW).
-Note for Wednesday section: multiply by 2 and select the corresponding answer…
Is this a trick question? There isn’t an attendance policy…
8. True or False? Homework will only be accepted at the beginning of class.
9. True or False? Homework is due the first class of each week (either Monday or
10. True or False? There is one required textbook: Business 8th Edition by Pride,
Hughes & Kapoor.
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