NW Center Manager’s Advisory Council Conference Call: October 7, 2010

NW Center Manager’s Advisory Council
Conference Call: October 7, 2010
Item 1: Notes from the Oct 5 Nat'l Center Mgrs Call
There was a discussion regarding the standardization of steps for federal Center Manager P.D.’s
at the G-9 and GS-11 level. The Forest Service requires a step at the GS-10 level while the DOI
does not. The Center Managers chose not to adopt the Forest Service guidelines for other
federal agencies.
IDIP – Interagency Dispatch Improvement Project – Update – Tom Wordell
The task groups that are organized continue to work in earnest on their projects. One task group
is looking at optimizing the number of dispatch offices at the tier 3 and 4 levels. They are trying to
develop a methodology to identify processes. Regions 3 and 5 will be used for testing.
Item 2: PNWCG-NW CMC Charter update
PNWCG Steering committee will provide approval for the NW CMC charter after further review
from State partners. Once approved the NW CMC will be recognized by the Steering committee
as a chartered group and we can begin building our strategic plan tiered towards the Nation plan.
As we begin working with the Steering Committee we will be asked to provide SME’s in
developing methods and protocols and we will be expected to produce products and propose
Item 3: NW CMC Meeting Oct 25,1200 thru Oct 26, 1200
Gifford Pinchot National Forest Headquarters
10600 N.E. 51st Circle
Vancouver, WA 98682
An updated agenda will be sent out.
A focus of this meeting will be working on the Strategic Plan for the CMC group. The Strategic
Planning group will send out an incomplete version of the plan listing goals, and objectives. We
need to review this plan and come to the meeting ready to identify Critical Success Factors,
Barriers and the Strategies it will take to meet these goals and objectives. At the meeting we will
breakout into groups and discuss recommendations and then report back to the entire group.
Dan’s objective for this process is to get greater participation from the group. Breaking out into
smaller groups should lend itself to more involvement. He would like everyone to come to the
table in the spirit of collaboration. We need to be curious, question, have expectations of
success, and be supportive throughout this process.
Item 4: Other Business
NICC Schedule will change to M-F on Oct 11.
We will decide at the CMC meeting if we need to have the Nov 4th CMC call.